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Thread: How to change Mac OS Xs default spelling dictionary language?

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    How to change Mac OS Xs default spelling dictionary language?

    I am working on the Mac OS X from last two weeks and it seems to me that it is really fines one to deal with. But the only problem that I am feeling here is that the spelling dictionary language is not in the term I want I mean the dictionary language the is not on the proper format which I understand. So please help me in this case and let me know what I can do to get rid of the problem and also how I can solve the same. Any help regarding this one will be kindly accepted.

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    Re: How to change Mac OS Xs default spelling dictionary language?

    If you will ask me then changing the default spelling dictionary language in Mac OS X is very easy. What you have to do here is that just try and browse your application and then you need to and then you have to go to Edit > Spelling & Grammar > Show Spelling & Grammar or press CMD+: on the keyboard which you can easily have access on and from there you can change the same I mean you can keep the ;language you want. I am sure that this will help you to solve the issue and also will allow you to get rid of the problem .

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    Re: How to change Mac OS Xs default spelling dictionary language?

    Well according to me there is the default one which is meant by the American users I mean the default one that you are getting is the US English and why you want to change the same because this is the standard one and mostly acceptable by everyone. But if you still want to change then I want you to just see when the Spelling & Grammar window appears make sure that you are selecting the language that you want it to display which will not give you any problems in the future. This change will remain in active only till the file that you are editing will be open.

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    Re: How to change Mac OS Xs default spelling dictionary language?

    I have gone through the problem that you are facing and seems to me that I can help you out in this case and to solve the issue what you have to do here is that just make sure whether the same is properly done and then follow the below steps:
    • First of all Open System Preferences and that too by clicking on the System Preferences icon on your desktop. Now after opening the same just move forward to the Applications > Utilities > System Preferences
    • In the Personal Preferences row , click Language & Text.
    • Now click the Text tab at the top
    • On the right side, you should now see a field called Spelling. Select your preferred language from here.

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