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Thread: How to convert CentOS CD version 5 to DVD

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    How to convert CentOS CD version 5 to DVD

    Well I have downloaded the 6CDís of the centOS on my system and now I want to converts the same onto DVD so that I can have a perfect access to all the six of them. As you must be know that these are operating system and I really donít know how I can create a bootable disk and that to a dvd so how can I move the 6CDís of CentOS version 5 on my DVD so please help me out in this case and let me know how can I do the same.

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    Re: How to convert CentOS CD version 5 to DVD

    Well according to me it is really tough to create a bootable disk which is having six copies of the same of the same setup. I hope that you are getting my point and also I am not denying the fact that you can create a DVD but it is hard to create a bootable one. so now what I want for you is if a disk need to be created as the bootable then I want you to use SIX different CDís fir a different setup because it is not worth of creating a dvd for the same. But in case of storing the data in the normal way then you can use the DVD here.

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    Re: How to convert CentOS CD version 5 to DVD

    I really donít know how to combine a 6 CD ISO in one DVD because I havenít did the same thing before and also donít have any idea. But the only thing that I can tell you here is that just visit the official site and download the DVD is that will definitely work for you and will not give you any problems what so ever since I have also did the same thing and succeeded and I am sure that it will help you also so that in future you wonít get any such issues related to the system.

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    Re: How to convert CentOS CD version 5 to DVD

    Well it is very simple to create a DVD of the 6 CDís that you have downloaded but it will only save the data in it and will not do anything else. And if want to just store that files for safety then you will be helped pr benefited by then DVD. Now what you have to do here us that just open the Nero or any other dvd ripper software and then add the files that you want to rip and later on click on BURN then disk will automatic all rip the data saved.

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