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Thread: auto refresh in windows explorer - win 7

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    auto refresh in windows explorer - win 7


    I found some posts about this on the forums but none of them gives solution.
    i am ok woth windows doing whatever it wants, to sort and refresh the folders as long as it does not affect my work.

    My problem is that when i double click on a an excel file to open it, the folder starts to auto refresh and the excel file opens as read only because it is in use by another program, in this case windows auto refresh.
    In the picture below you can see what i am talking about. The address bar starts to load, and excel opens the file as read only.

    I want to stop that auto refresh. How do i do that? What registry do i need to delete or modify?

    thank you

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    Re: auto refresh in windows explorer - win 7

    The important thing here is that we are unable to disable the auto-sort behavior of the windows explore. Actually it is the by default behavior of the operating system and you canít do anything in it unless and until a patch is done from the official itself. But still in this case I want you to do few things and they are nothing but:
    • As you need to put a fresh folder in the base, you may change the sorting options.
    • And to do the same you need to just right-click in the window, choose Sort by->More.
    • Only check Date Created in the list.

    I hope it works

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