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Thread: Verifying the Digital Signature of a SLIC Table

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    Verifying the Digital Signature of a SLIC Table

    Hi, I am having a Acer PC. Currently I am using window 7 64 bit operating system. While I was working on windows Xp version I encountered an error stating dump error (SLIC Table Not found.). My question is what is what is SLIC table. How to verify the digital signature of a SLIC table. If anyone having an idea about it then please let me know.

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    Re: Verifying the Digital Signature of a SLIC Table

    SLIC table (SLIC.BIN or ACPISLIC.BIN) is the name for the data present in the BIOS that contain private or public keys and OEMID. The combination of all these is known as CERTIFICATE .Microsoft uses asymmetric key algorithm for creating digital signatures and OEM licensing information that is included in SLIC tables. It is very important to verify the digital signature of SLIC table for checking the validation of SLIC table.

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    Re: Verifying the Digital Signature of a SLIC Table

    By using Asymmetric key algorithm digital signature is created. The digital signature is created with the OEM, which generates pair of public and private keys. The private key is secret and is kept hidden by the OEM, but the public key is visible in the SLIC table.
    The OEM id and the OEM table ID together with windows marker version, windows flag id and reserved bytes form a message. The message is hashed using the SHA-256 hash function to form a message digest.

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    Re: Verifying the Digital Signature of a SLIC Table

    To verify digital signatures, we need to generate SHA-256 hash of the Message and then we need to compare it with SHA-256 hash in the digital signature. For doing this we require to decrypt the digital signature. The decryption can be done by using public key from SLIC table. It is done by modular exponential Decryption = s^e mod n where s is the signature, e is the public key where as n is the public key modulus.

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    Re: Verifying the Digital Signature of a SLIC Table

    In the above post as explained by my friend is the procedure how digital key verified. Once the digital signature is decrypted or verified you can compare its SHA-256 hash matches with the one calculated before. So now I hope it is clear to you the way digital signature is verified.

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