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Thread: Windows cannot load installer for Volume

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    Windows cannot load installer for Volume

    I am not able to use the new hard drive that I bought for me. Whenever I try to connect that then its shows the popup message which says: "Windows could not load the installer for Volume. Please contact hardware vendor for assistance." If I go to the My Computer > Properties > Manage then I can see that it is healthy and functioning well but I am not able to see that in "My Computer". Is there anyone who knows the solution for this? If yes then please let me know about that. I will be thankful to all the replies.

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    Re: Windows cannot load installer for Volume

    Is it the internal hard drive or external hard drive? Anyway, you can try to go through the settings given below and see if that can solve the problem for you. So here are the steps:
    1. First of all connect the Hard Drive to your computer.
    2. Go to 'Start' > Select 'Control Panel' > Double-click 'Add Hardware'.
    3. Choose 'Yes, I have previously connected hardware' > Click 'Next'.
    4. Locate and click the device and click on 'Next'.
    5. If a driver is necessary, it must have come through the drive. You can choose 'Have Disk' as well as load driver from there.

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    Re: Windows cannot load installer for Volume

    Have a checked your BIOS settings 'Standard CMOS Features' as well as verify that if your hard drive is put to 'Auto'. Did you correctly reset the BIOS that is, shift the CMOS-reset jumper for ensuring the CMOS chip was totally discharged as well as the settings reset? I can't believe of something else which would reason that difficulty apart from for the hard drive interface being within the incorrect mode. A drive-geometry-setting error might be the source of this kind of problem.

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    Re: Windows cannot load installer for Volume

    There might be some problem with the cable that you are using to connect the hard drive to your computerís motherboard. It might not be providing the proper connection to the hard drive. My suggestion to you is to get a new connection cable from some hardware store and use that. It will not cost you much but will ensure that if the problem is with the cable or not. So before moving to any big solution, you should consider these things first. I wish that you will be out of the issue soon.

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    Re: Windows cannot load installer for Volume

    This sounds that you comprise a Seagate HDD and it seems like somewhat (similar to IDE cable) might have come wobbly - attempt to remove and resolutely reseating the IDE cable on both ends and power plug as well. If a virus scanner cannot take out virus then an alternative that will work to totally remove the disk by means of maker's analytical purpose (typically misnamed "low level format") which overwrites the complete disk through zeroes. Unnecessary to say, this will annihilate all of the files but except you slay the virus primary you will infect each file you attempt to "save".

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