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Thread: Everyday my newly installed Windows 7 64 bit freezes

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    Everyday my newly installed Windows 7 64 bit freezes

    Hello friends,
    I am facing with serious Windows 7 freeze problem daily. I had a system in which I had I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 edition. Everything went well for first 4 days until last night I had restart system forcefully due to an application crash. After that everyday whenever I boot my system it freezes for long time. I have to restart and then it went back to normal. It is not at all booting up properly at the first time. I have a Asus M4A78-EM motherboard. My processor is Phenom X4 955 II and 4GB Kingston 800mhz ram. In addition to that I have Geforce 9600 GT card. Everything is new and it is just few months before I had purchased them. There is lot other issue, but first I have to check whether that the slow startup can be repaired or not.

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    Re: Everyday my newly installed Windows 7 64 bit freezes

    I had faced a similar issue on my laptop. I had upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and when I move my mouse when over a link on any website the system freezes. I have to press ctrl + alt + del to get out of it. And sometime even restart. I re-installed my browsers and did everything. But nothing worked. Anyhow I had to re-install my entire operating system back again from scratch. In frustration I formatted my entire hard drive and leaved nothing. Now it is working well. It is because of some application which is eating up a major portion of your cpu. You might need to do the same. Boot in safe mode and uninstall unnecessary applications.

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    Re: Everyday my newly installed Windows 7 64 bit freezes

    This sounds a bit silly but I will recommend you to run a repair installation from the Windows installation. The repair service fix the startup items. There can be some corrupt files which is eating up system resource and not allowing you to work on it. Run system restore first if possible and get some old date settings. When you can reach the desktop properly then go in control panel and remove all the applications. Check for virus and re-install all stuff one by one properly. Also do not forget to check your cpu temperature. It can be heating a lot.

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    Re: Everyday my newly installed Windows 7 64 bit freezes

    You have a graphic card also on your system. Did you have a proper psu. It is always recommended to have a 440w psu or higher on your system or else you can face such common error. Run cpuz and memtest tool to check your hardware information. Download and install a temperature monitoring tool that can show you the temperature of your cpu. If the same goes up as you keep on working on the system then that means either the system is low on power or you do not have proper cooling support for your system.

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    Re: Everyday my newly installed Windows 7 64 bit freezes

    There are number of reasons behind a freezing issue of an operating system. For this you will need work more the startup sector. In msconfig properly see that most of the services are working fine and those which you do not need disable them all. You can try using some system cleaners that can wipe out your startup applications at instant. Remove those softwares which you do not need.

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    Re: Everyday my newly installed Windows 7 64 bit freezes

    For staying on safer side I believe in using a dual boot system. That allows me to backup my data on frequent crash. Windows is fine but sometime at startup it gives out trouble. It happens due to additional services that consumes your cpu resources. Second thing run an cpu temp tool and check that whether it is heating or not. It is possible that due to some issue your processor is getting heating up and because of that Windows is freezing.

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