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Thread: How to restore Toshiba c655d-s5130 on windows 7

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    How to restore Toshiba c655d-s5130 on windows 7

    I have recently purchased a new Toshiba c655d-s5130 laptop that came with Windows 7 preinstalled on it. I recently found a new laptop that is coming at a very cheap rate. So therefore i want to return the Toshiba c655d-s5130 laptop that I bought but I want to restore it to factory setting since it had my personal information and pictures on it? Can anyone please tell me how can I restore this laptop? Thanks

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    Re: How to restore Toshiba c655d-s5130 on windows 7

    You can easily try to restore your computer with the help of the Windows 7 DVD that you have got. It comes with the laptop that you have purchased. First insert the DVD in the DVD drive and then restart your computer. After restart go into Bios and change the boot order to CD/DVD drive and then restart your pc again. Now upon restart the system will boot from the DVD and give you different option where you need to select System Restore.

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    Re: How to restore Toshiba c655d-s5130 on windows 7

    To restore your laptop to factory defaults, hold power button for 10 seconds to turn off your system. After that press and hold 0 key on your laptop and at the same time press the power button once to turn on your laptop. You will start hearing beeping noise and then release the 0 key. Now you will get a warning screen where you have to press Yes to continue with the System Recovery. Just choose the Recovery of Factory Default and then click next. Now select Recover to out-of-box state and then click next again to start recovery.

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    Re: How to restore Toshiba c655d-s5130 on windows 7

    If there is no recovery program existing in the drive or if it is corrupted then you can order the recovery disc from Toshiba from this link. Ther is no charge for the Recovery disc for customers who already own licenses but the shipping and handling charges for delivery of recovery media in the US is $29.95 for DVD media or $39.95 for USB sticks. For other Latin American countries the charges are $37.95 for DVD media or $47.95 for USB sticks

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