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Thread: Most appropriate Linux Distribution

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    Most appropriate Linux Distribution

    I am using the Windows operating system from a long time and now I want to take some experience with Linux operating system. Currently, I am having the Windows 2000 installed on my computer and need to Linux together with Windows 2000. I am posting this over here so that I can get some idea that which one will be the best Linux distribution. If you are using the Linux and can provide me some suggestions for this then this will be really helpful. Also tell me that what are goods and the bads regarding the distribution?

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    Re: Most appropriate Linux Distribution

    I would like to recommend you the Redhat 9. I prefer the same and so I can say that Redhat 9 is the most polite distribution. If you use that then you will find that it will take less time to install that and more time to work with that as compared to other Distribution. Other than this, it will install the in the 10gb drive by means of room to spare for experimentation. You may get many suggestions later but you should try this. I hope that you will find that useful.

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    Re: Most appropriate Linux Distribution

    If you just want to take the experience of the Linux then the best way for youis to make use of the Live CD of the Linux. If you use that then you will not have to install that on your computer. Just insert the Live CD on your computerís optical drive and boot your computer from that. It will start the computer as Linux operating system. I am using the same in my case because I donít want to install that permanently to install on my PC. If you want the same then Live CD will be the best option for you.

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    Re: Most appropriate Linux Distribution

    You can also consider the DSL (Damn Small Linux). I am saying you to use it because it will not take much space for installation. DSL has a almost absolute desktop and a minute hub for the command line tools. Every application is selected by means of the most excellent balance of functionality, size as well as speed. Damn Small too contains the capability to operate like an SSH/FTP/HTTPD server right off of the live CD. In our pursuit to save space as well as contain a completely practical desktop they have made a lot of GUI administration tools that are fast yet still simple to utilize.

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    Re: Most appropriate Linux Distribution

    I actually would not suggest for a LiveCD for a first-time linux user. Most of the parts of the Linux are learned throughout the process of installation as well as configuration. My recommendation to you is to either group a virtual computer by means of a real distribution. Other than this, you can set up dual-booting through w2k and Linux flavor you lastly choose on. You will be grateful yourself when you begin understanding that why it is working and not only knowing that they functions.

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    Re: Most appropriate Linux Distribution

    Thanks guys for the recommendations. After reading about Knoppix on the net a lot of comments, said he had hardware problems recognissing made before 1998. My team was made in about 1996. At the time of Red Hat 9 and DSL is seen as the best options. If someone could provide more information about ADSL, it would be very useful, because it sounds good. And someone on another forum told me Xubunutu is also a good distribution. Although it has great needs, you can run Windows 2000 without any problems, so I should be able to run Xubunutu 6.10?

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