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Thread: After login to my computer file fwupdate.exe appears every time.

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    After login to my computer file fwupdate.exe appears every time.

    I am getting a popup of fwupdate.exe each time when I turn on my pc. This thing appear each time when I login in my system. I am unable to figure out the problem here. I had installed some themes recently but I had removed them. I hope this is not some kind of virus problem. Can anyone provide me more details on this exe file. I had scanned my system but not able to detect anything.

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    Re: After login to my computer file fwupdate.exe appears every time.

    Looks like you had not properly removed some recently installed programs. Click on Start > Run and in the box type msconfig. In that go in the startup section. Disable all unwanted things from this. It is possible that some application is working and causing the problem. You can hid microsoft services and disable all unwanted things are placed to launch on startup. This error will disappear on its own.

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    This error is associated with a lg drive. You have to uninstall that to fix the problem. For that go in Start Menu > Control Panel. In that go in Add/Remove program sand look for LGA Toolkit. Just remove it and restart your pc. This will be enough to stop the error. The exe file is associated with lg drive. If you are not having any of this program installed in your system then you have to run system restore. Choose a old date and that will be enough to fix the issue.

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