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Thread: Cannot record sound with Realtek audio driver

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    Cannot record sound with Realtek audio driver

    This time I have assembled a desktop computer for me and I had done a lot of searching and lastly came toward the specifications. I have Windows 7 installed in my computer and this time was the motherboard of EVGA. I have the EVGA X58 motherboard as I have it the much cheaper rate. I thought I served well, but in the very beginning I had some problems with drivers, but everything was resolved when I got the drivers from the Realtek to deal with Windows 7. Everything was working fine but recently I noticed that the issue has begun to increase with the motherboard and I saw that the sound cannot be recorded. Can you please tell me that what is the problem with this?

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    Re: Cannot record sound with Realtek audio driver

    As you are having problem with sound recording I think there is nothing to do with the drivers and you can go to settings and see if you can find any option that can help you a little with situation here. As you mentioned you are using the Windows 7 then you can follow the solution here and you can see if this can help with the recording here. In Windows 7 go to Control Panel. In Control Panel, go to sound. After the list of the Recording tabcomes into view then just right click. After you choose to display the full device disabled. To see if this can help with the issue here. If that cannot then you can see the adjustment in the stereo mix devices.

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    Re: Cannot record sound with Realtek audio driver

    As in all things and summarizing all at once I think it will have updates for all the drivers you have on the system and this is the only thing that can do the work for you. I am saying you to do this because I have seen many of the cases like this where updating the driver solve the issue and I wish that this will do the same for you as well. Just visit the official website of the video card and see if you cannot make drivers.

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    Re: Cannot record sound with Realtek audio driver

    Well, if I had been in place to ensure that they would dig for the drivers first then I really think you should also try to do the same. Well, besides all the things I would also like to point out one thing that matters relating to Windows 7. I believe that it is required to run the drivers that are compatible with the system. I mean go look for drivers that can run on Windows 7 and if you cannot have one for you then you be able to go and will run on Vista as I have seen some cases where the drivers for view have really worked on Windows 7 and hope that with this trick will also be the perfect complement for you too. Please let me know if what I suggested really helped here.

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    Re: Cannot record sound with Realtek audio driver

    To bring more light and vitality to some of the discussion we have here something that can really help. Well, I have the EVGA motherboard but I have one of the GigaByte and the thing with this motherboard is that I have to turn off the microphone in the beginning, so I can have the sound recorded from the line in I do not know the exact reason, but I've seen who does not see both simultaneously. Well, I can only suggest to take this into an opportunity and see if that can bring the magic and can turn the whole scenario.

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    Re: Cannot record sound with Realtek audio driver

    If you ask me I think it will be better to think that the updates for Windows and I think can really help with some really useful here. We hope to have things the right way. Well, I saw that the updates here have brought several things here. Drivers has been exaggerated to some unrecognized devices and device drivers are working well. Well, that's the only thing I would suggest at this time. See if you can be benefited with this.

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