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Thread: Bios updation failed after using MSI HQ USB Flashing Tool

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    Bios updation failed after using MSI HQ USB Flashing Tool

    Hi friends I had a certain issue when I tried to upgrade my bios in the motherboard that is currently been used in the system of mine, the motherboard name that I was doing the updation was K9AG Neo2-Digital, the up gradation of the bios was been done with the help of MSI Forum HQ USB Flashing Tool, the tool that I used recently was working fine, all the process that were used in the up gradation of the bios was been successfully done , but when I tried to restart the computer, nothing was working not even the beep sound occurred in the cpu the only thing that was working was the CPU fan and the DVD drive that was present in it, I do not know where I have gone wrong in this procedure any help from you people would be great in solving the issue.

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    re: Bios updation failed after using MSI HQ USB Flashing Tool

    Did you try clearing the cmos in the system; this will help you to relocate the bios setting to the default setting. To do that turn off the computer, after that remove the power cord and press the power button on the cpu to see that all the power from the capacitor is been discharged, now move the cmos jumper to the clear position, it is done by changing the position of the jumper from one to another position, if you are using n force 2, in the system then there is a special safe mode jumper that help you in getting the reset button on the cmos. Now wait for some time and then relocate the location of the jumper to the same place again. Now restore the power to the stable mode again and check if the cmos is been cleared or not.

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    re: Bios updation failed after using MSI HQ USB Flashing Tool

    There is an extension for the solution that you have provided my friend, after doing all this steps it is better that whenever the place that you have done all this thing you should go into the bios and check for the clear nvram value in that once you have enabled the value of the clear nvram then you should restart the computer to see the effect of the newly modified value of the bios, most of the people do not do this and they go ahead with the above solution that is been provided, no doubt it is the correct solution that is been provided but at some particular time the bios tend to provide some weird problem for the same, so just do this and see what is happening.

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    re: Bios updation failed after using MSI HQ USB Flashing Tool

    Hi there, I tried my level best to overcome the problem that I was facing with the Bios, I recently replaced my video card and the Ram to a higher version since my PC was too old and I was not able to play any of the games that are present in a higher resource consumption, Also the Ram was been too small for handling such a big pressure so I tried doing the up gradation but my computer was not getting started as it was showing only no signal message on the monitor, I am also not able to access the Bios option which is the basic thing that I had to do for coming out of this problem or to find out the specific solution for the same.

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    re: Bios updation failed after using MSI HQ USB Flashing Tool

    I think most of you people are not aware about the act that K7N2 Delta2 series of motherboard do not have safe mode jumper j10 present in it. This thing is been replaced by the insert key method which is been used by EPOX. If you have a ps2 keyboard then you can do the following thing. Disconnect all the main wire that are connected to your CPU so that no current is been running from the main to the CPU, now continuously press the insert key on the keyboard and the power button on the cabinet of your system. Then two options will be provided to you in one the computer will be restarted and it will run on 100 MHz. if this option is not happening then you have to manually provide all the values which you know the best for safe booting.

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