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Thread: Folder icons not showing small image inside it

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    Folder icons not showing small image inside it

    When I was using the Windows Vista operating system on my machine, It used to shows an images as an icon of folder which was containing those images. Recently I have upgraded to the windows 7 and since then I am unable to see this behavior of folder on my machine. Now it shows only simple folder icon instead of four images inside those folder. Can somebody tell me that is it possible on windows 7 or not.

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    Re: Folder icons not showing small image inside it

    In Windows 7, you can alter these icons small to large icons showing photos underneath. When you open a folder which includes an images in the browser, Look at the upper right where you can find a dropdown menu called "options" which helps you to change the folder view to Large Icons from small icons. If you want to customize this function for all folders in Windows 7. Click Organize -> Folder Options -> View -> and select "Apply to All Folders" and click "OK". Hope this helps.

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    Re: Folder icons not showing small image inside it

    Windows 7 has a new way to display the contents of the folder of images. Right mouse button on a new library folder, and click Properties. There will be a mailbox to optimize the images folder. Then all the subfolders are displayed images contained. The actual location of files not moved to put in a new collection. Just put a link usable for everything from anywhere you want in a custom folder, set the view you prefer. In older systems, you have to move files between reality leads to do that.

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    Re: Folder icons not showing small image inside it

    I have Windows Vista and I was 6 folders in the My Pictures folder that I was not able to view the contents of the folders on the edge until you apply the method to the new folder on your desktop and copy the photos to that folder and personalized each Restore Defaults folder, drag and drop the folder back to its original place and showed amazing images folder on the edge of the folder. Just goes to show that persistence will prevail!

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