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Thread: Multiple nested copies of Application Data folder

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    Multiple nested copies of Application Data folder

    I am running a Windows 7 64 bit operating system on my laptop and I have noticed the Applications Data folder in c:\Documents and Settings\All Users. If I am trying to open that folder then it seems to be accurate copy of all the folders under "All Users" which also includes another "Applications Data" folder. And this tree goes on with the same folders all the time, No matter how many time you open that folder. Can somebody tell me what is happening here ?

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    Re: Multiple nested copies of Application Data folder

    1) A union Local Settings, which will forward the programs Setup of% userprofile% \ Local to the new folder.

    2) A union data * inside * of the new folder that the points on itself, to gain access to programs% userprofile% \ LocalSettings \ Application Data.

    If you think it makes sense ... when the program is to way in the local settings, will sent to the folder has to be, however, is also access to a folder called data into the correct folder you need. As has already been redirected to the Settings local connections, so that the cross application data should be noted on itself to make things work correctly. I would suggest the control of the security settings in your application for data connections (C: \ Users \ yourname \ appdata \ local) (you have to choose to display operating system files folder options in a browser window). Go to the Security tab, click Advanced, then edit, and be sure to see a refuse permission for everyone on the list. If there is a list, create one for "all" and check the Deny checkbox next to "read the folder / data tier.

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    Re: Multiple nested copies of Application Data folder

    Probably given the date of your post you have already been answered or if you do not look the answer but for those who have the same question because I am me and asked me as I researched a knowledge of Whence this issue and what it is. I guess there would lots of thread created to discuss about this issue. So I trust what people said and what I've included with the software I have on my computer.

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    Re: Multiple nested copies of Application Data folder

    In short, the application data folder clutched a place some refer, among other software for games often player profiles are stored, some log or error log chat software etc. etc. The fact of the matter may cancel service varied depending on the effects of what is there. In my opinion the household can be done with care and feels as if it has to do is if in doubt leave the space of 2 MB for nothing that we will regret later. Otherwise the backups made in the limit then made tests.

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    Re: Multiple nested copies of Application Data folder

    Data is one of many carried folders to Vista from XP for compatibility for legacy applications, but no data. These folders are shown as shaded with the shortcut error and access denied when attempt to open them. To see the actual folder that contains the data and that the binding sites, open an elevated command prompt, navigate to the folder that contains the union and give the command:

    dir / to

    Unions are appointed by with the folder you chose in brackets at the end of the line. From a post by Jimmy Brush here is a list these folders are inherited connections in Vista and folders that signal.

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    Re: Multiple nested copies of Application Data folder

    Interesting, I read that some do and some do not. Since points himself seems that should not be there. I deleted it and solved the problem. What do you mean by check recently installed programs exactly? Is There is some record of the facility in Vista, where I can see what directories where created when programs are installed or do you mean I should delete the connections and reinstall some programs you can find what they suspect was a what?

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    Re: Multiple nested copies of Application Data folder

    To the OP,

    You may want to check out the solution at this link:

    It worked for me, and saved me alot of headache.


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