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Thread: Linux mint 9: How to log on after software update

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    Linux mint 9: How to log on after software update

    After updating the software for viewing images on my Dell computer it is well matched with Mint Linux 9, you cannot log on the computer anyway. I can update the Adobe Reader with the latest version of the ad after the upgrade the machine that I cannot log into the machine. Each time you boot the machine after the manufacturer's logo appear on the screen, the loading bar stops for a few seconds and then stop automatically. It just opened once, but after ten insert name and password to turn off automatically. I have Mint Linux 9 on another partition of my machine. How to open the platform Linux mint 9 on my machine, is there any advice for the problem that occurred on my machine? Any tricks to solve this problem would be appreciated.

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    Re: Linux mint 9: How to log on after software update

    This is simply sound the problem is happening because of that the software application to update recently. Open the software on the Windows platform and go to control panel and from the windows of the program and select the software application from the dropdown list and uninstall, find the option to repair or restore the window. It will install the software in a fresh way. Now switch back to the Linux mint 9 platform and I think this time there will be no problem about boot into that platform. Or you can do the same form safe mode Linux mint 9. Do not look for the software application, select it to reset by following some instructions on the screen.

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    Re: Linux mint 9: How to log on after software update

    I had the relevant question in my mind Linux 9 machine, the problem was that I can not log on to the computer to normal mode, each time I enter the username and password, the screen blinks for some time and screen fades. Then you just enter the console and through there perform the appropriate operations on my machine. After a deep search on the Internet for the problem I have found a solution that is the password recovery option, and I did, and the problem disappears. So I also like to suggest that enters the machine through the console prompt in the form user to reset the password. Select the Password box and click the option to restart. I think this will somehow help solve the problem. Press to enter the console mode and then press F7 to return to the user interface. tell me which sex position u like most....
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    Re: Linux mint 9: How to log on after software update

    Similar problem with HP, a few months ago I installed Linux mint 9 on the other partition of my hard drive, and since the last two days, I ran into a problem that the machine will not let me enter the Linux mint 9 partition whenever I put the username and password and then hit ENTER or click on OK, it redirects to the partition is not ready to go. What type of problem is that? Is it for the operating system or hard disk partition where I installed Linux mint 9? Thought after receiving this error message immediately reinstall Linux mint 9 on the same disk partition. Is there any particular kind of problem? Any solution for this problem?

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