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Thread: Installed new RAM refuses to boot

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    Installed new RAM refuses to boot

    Hello everyone on this forum. I have a problem regarding my computer. I have a Compaq desktop system. My system was working perfectly. Later I decided to upgrade the RAM. When I tried to install 2 GBs of ram on my system and replace the previous one. I am sure about it that I have put it properly. Both old and new RAM has same specification. But when I restarted my system it does not boot. So can it is the problem of RAM or some other if any have the answer pleases post on this forum. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Installed new RAM refuses to boot

    Welcome to this forum my friend I have read your problem. It seem that the RAM is not all the way in itís slot. So I will tell you to check it again, if it is in the slot then remove it out and look for any sign for burning means make RAM is burnt. If it burnt then replace it or have another one. That will work with your system. Then boot your system. If youris not burnt or if you are sure that it is working proper it mean your system does not support 4 GB of the RAM.

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    Re: Installed new RAM refuses to boot

    Thank you for giving the idea my friend, I will follow the step in above post. a quick question though. I just read a sticky called "Read before you buy this," saying that some processors on the motherboard will not be able to use RAM memory chips on both sides. I have the RAM having both side chip. So is it the compatibility problem. Thanks for giving the answer.

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    Re: Installed new RAM refuses to boot

    Okay friend I come to know the issue, thanks to all for your help. There was the problem with my RAM my computer system allow only 2 GB of the Ram. I bought a 4 GH of single RAM that my computer did not support. So I replaced it and bought 2 RAM of 2 GB. That is supported by my system. Thank you once again to all the people.

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