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Thread: Need help on windows 7 as DVR replacement

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    Need help on windows 7 as DVR replacement

    I am working on setting up a system pedestal home entertainment system to replace my low memory DVR make available by the cable company. I have comprised a superior system other than desire to make sure with the intention of the Windows 7 Premium OS determine to permit me to run the Cablecard and record, rewind, playback, etc. Fundamentally, will the Win 7 Premium OS do what I desire or do I necessitate getting the Win 7 Prof or Ultimate. In addition be able to Win 7 Media Center handle two Cablecards by means of dual turners every ie HVR 2250. Thanks for several guidance you be able to provide.

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    re: Need help on windows 7 as DVR replacement

    As far as I be familiar with, the CETON 4 is obtainable for pre order other than not yet shipping. Does not yet have comprised a digital cable tuner card for cable cards/windows 7 on the advertise yet. The entire of this is conjecture until the hardware essentially becomes obtainable. And yes, Home Premium works by means of cable card digital cable tuners. You might desire to follow a number of threads in excess of at the greenbutton on these. I am tranquil endeavoring to sort things out. I am working on setting up a computer pedestal home entertainment system to replace my low memory DVR create obtainable.

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    re: Need help on windows 7 as DVR replacement

    This is the right place, by the side of by means of to position Media Center query. Home Prenium Win 7 determines to permit you to run a Digital Cable Tuner by means of a cable card to watch and record HD TV. You determine to necessitate a compliant video card and monitor/TV. Your biggest predicament determines to be receiving your hands of a Digital Cable Tuner to hold the cable card. Ceton has one do several month at present. ATI has discontinued theirs do not purchase off eBay unless you be familiar with for certain it is not a dev unit-people are receiving burned. I am working on setting up a system pedestal home entertainment system.

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    re: Need help on windows 7 as DVR replacement

    At the same time as watching the tube our screen froze. No substance what I endeavor I might not acquire a representation so I did a hard reboot of the DVR. When it fired back up, I acquire a ‘Hard Drive Failure’ become conscious of. Certain sufficient the DVR did not work, other than I was tranquil capable to watch life TV. I went onto the Dish Network site and had a chat by means of technical hold up. On one occasion they confirmed the difficulty, they went to order a substitute. The system was being modernized so I necessitate to call back. At present I be obliged to admit with the intention of my thoughts were not category. My friend asked when I deliberation a replacement would arrive and I stature regarding Tuesday or Wednesday of subsequently week. So when I checkered this morning when I got up, I checkered with UPS and certain sufficient the receiver was out for delivery.

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    re: Need help on windows 7 as DVR replacement

    As fast forward I had just recently regarding 1 month and the Ceton card is essentially shipping and in the hands of the first users. In addition, to clear up several misconceptions, the Ceton InfiniTV necessitates 1 cable card, an M-Card (multistream) to interpret the entire 4 streams. I am tranquil waiting for my card, other than I am super excited regarding the enhanced functionality this determine to give Media Center.

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