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Thread: Windows Login takes too long to reach desktop

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    Windows Login takes too long to reach desktop

    My computer runs on XP professional service pack 3.Whenever I log on my window profile, itís taking a long time for window loading, and after loading the star bar and desktop icon are not visible for 4-5 minutes and sometimes it do not load at all. I have done with both MBAM and Microsoft security essentials but I did not found any problem. The computer is not connected with the internet when the process is going on and I have not made any other system changes. I can access my computer by using task manager while icons and taskbar are not showing. By using task manager explorer.exe is running. By using the new task button to run it again does not do anything and not even end the process.

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    Re: Windows Login takes too long to reach desktop

    For solving this kind of problem u have to open msconfig and choose the selective startup and reboot your pc. If the problem is still appear start adding item back to msconfig on by one or two at a time, and reboot after each change in msconfig, until the problem reappears and you will have identified the offending process. Still if the problem is reappears even with the first selective startup. Then it maybe the hardware related issue.

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    Re: Windows Login takes too long to reach desktop

    The malware is the main source for slow down your pc. This malware is appeared with the downloading applications that contain spyware by failing to install security patches in a timely manner. For solving this update your anti-virus and scan your hard drive in safe mode. If the problem is appearing suddenly check your recently downloaded application the problem may reside in that application. Check it by completely removing that application. Update the definition of your anti-spyware applications.

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    Re: Windows Login takes too long to reach desktop

    Sometime problem occur by uncontrolled applications. Many programs having quick launcher feature that allows applications to be opened quickly, some program including auto update features that require them to running in the background. This all things are slow down your launching window. Use the spybot search and destroy tool to list startup and allows you to turn off any application that you do not need.

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    Re: Windows Login takes too long to reach desktop

    The other important part is Lack of Maintenance. You have to clean your hard drive. For increasing your computer speed you have to delete unused programs and also transfer old files in cd that you are not using. keep a habit of removing the temp files from your system files. Defragment your computer because window tends to put new files in any available open space on disk.

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