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Thread: Startup failure of windows 7

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    Startup failure of windows 7

    All this started few days back when my computer shows the error message disk boot failure and does not allow windows loading. I am not able to load winxp cuz . Loading of this gives blue screen of death or it get freeze while loading.Your screen does not show anything else than freezed screen. When I checked BIOS it recognizes all four drivers. I guess bad HDD can cause such error but at least RAID array should boot. So can anybody provide me with proper solution?

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    Re: Startup failure of windows 7

    Even I also had the same kind of problem which you are having now,Simple solution for your described problem is change the actual order of the SATA cables. Previous order of SATA cable needs to re shuffled. Then you need to reinstall your operating system. Follow the normal booting process of windows 7,using all prescribed instruction install them. Once you have fresh reinstalled ,booting will done as usual and your operating system will work proper.

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    Re: Startup failure of windows 7

    If you are using ASUS motherboard , you can check the ASUS websites for newer versions of the Drivers . drivers on included disc are also get out of the date. Effect of drivers on any disc is also dependent on drivers version. if something which is unusual then you have bad motherboard. You just need to install operating system with only single HDD installed on it and that is even non –raid. This will give us clue about troubleshooting. Select repair from the installation disc this will save all your data if all these does’t work wipe the drive with boot cd and try reinstalling windows 7.

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    Re: Startup failure of windows 7

    To fix this problem go to setting of operating system ,there in partition make it active . After that right click the storage partition and modify this by making it inactive. Once you have changed setting of o/s partition to active and storage partition to inactive, run startup repair using windows 7 dvd 3 times. Startup will recreate some required component if they have got corrupted or infected. This will help you in proper booting of your windows 7 operating system.

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    Re: Startup failure of windows 7

    The best solution for your problem is to go to command prompt from boot i.e your access from original post there you run command sfc/scannow. This will return your damaged file to the original state. And once your damaged file is recovered your booting problem will get solved. If you are not very confident in doing s these actions then try to repair install provided that you have disc with you. If still you are not able to fix the problem then for further help you can consult any IT professional.

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