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Thread: Windows 7 Cannot Access XP Shared Files

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    Windows 7 Cannot Access XP Shared Files

    I am using three computers at my home all connected in network. In first Comp Windows XP is installed, in second Comp windows vista and in third PC has Windows 7 is installed. All Computers are in same network. All Computers can see each other on network. I can ping Comp from other Comp. I get the problem while accessing shared file on windows from windows 7. I get the error the computer not accessible. Contact Admin of this server. But I can same shared file from Windows XP. Any help will be appreciated. If any information let me know.

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    Re: Windows 7 Cannot Access XP Shared Files

    Firstly check Computer with Windows XP is on. From windows 7.Ping windows XP from Windows 7. Following is turned on.1. network discovery 2. File and printer sharing 3. Public folder 4. Check home group connectin4. Firewall setting. Clean boot also has the same problem, only the Microsoft service was enabled or used the windows 7 dvd and upgrade/re-installed. It kept all my existing programs and now getting to my share on the network works.

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    Re: Windows 7 Cannot Access XP Shared Files

    I am facing the exact same problem. Server can’t perform requested operation. This happen only when accessing shared file from windows7. When accessing from windows XP there is no error. I am not getting any useful information on net about this. I tested all of the hardware and software. I also checked driver installed. I reinstalled the Operating System. Even not useful. Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Re: Windows 7 Cannot Access XP Shared Files

    At this stage you to temporally turn off firewall on windows7 system. If problem remains same try following steps.
    In run type %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc” click on enter
    Right click on host and delete and verify admin permission.
    Or download Netmon trace and run it. This may help you. Or this may problem of Antivirus. Disable antivirus and then try to access the file.

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