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Thread: "vsserv.exe" process takes 100% CPU usage

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    "vsserv.exe" process takes 100% CPU usage

    I am having a windows vista compatible Dell inspiron laptop, this is specified with 320 GB hard drive, 3GB RAM, Intel dual core processor along with this NVIDIA GEforce graphical interface. Along with this I recently installed bitdefender internet security 2010, but after install this security tool, I am facing a slow performance in my system. Whenever I tried to open any application, it responds very slowly. Along with this I also saw that the system is also having as lowly performance regarding nay operation. After that when I switch to the process tab under task manager I found that a process named as vsserv.exe, is occupying 100% of CPU access. When I tried to kill that process, it flashes that this might be cause of your windows security. What to do now? any suggestion regarding this will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: "vsserv.exe" process takes 100% CPU usage

    I would like to recommend you to check for nay other program which might be collaborate with that process which is taking 100% of your system CUP access. I had similar issue, then after a long search on this, I found this occurring for some other graphics program those were installed in my system and then I simply remove those program and by this the problem was solved. I suggest you to check whether there is any other graphical or any windows application is collaborating with this security application. If you found any think like this then remove that one.

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    Re: "vsserv.exe" process takes 100% CPU usage

    I would like to suggest you to first of all disable the automatic update and if your system is connected with internet then disconnect this one and restart your system n safe mode, then look for the httproxy.dll file into the installed folder (c:\program files\bitdefender\bitdefender 2009, consider the c:\ is the program drive), rename this one, now again reboot your machine and check whether the problem is still occurring or not. One of my friends was also facing relevant issue, after than he also did some of the searches about this problem, but did not found any response on this, also tried few of the tricks also. Then he proceeds for this trick, and this one helped him. I hope it will also help you to resolve the issue that you mentioned in your post.

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    Re: "vsserv.exe" process takes 100% CPU usage

    Try with a most simple and effective process which one give results in any type of security program issue in any operating system version. Insert the bidefender installation disc and double click on the installation icon, it will run the loading process. Now from the installation window, select repair option and terminate this one. Wait till the process completes and will direct you to reboot your machine. You can also do this similar process from start menu installed folder, open the folder and click on repair or reset. Many of the problem related with the bitdefender security tool application. I think this will also help you to overcome from the problem.

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