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Thread: Long beep and system fails to start

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    Long beep and system fails to start

    I was playing witcher. The game froze up my computer so I turned off the computer. And after some time I start the pc I got a one beep from the computer then I took the video card out and dusted it and put it back in. After some time when witcher played ending role this problem occur again, I took out once again video card from pc, this time I did not dust it and stud back in and everything was fine. I turned out the pc when I try to start it again so it sends a one long beep only.

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    Re: Long beep and system fails to start

    If you get a long beep in after a second so its means it canít able to detect the RAM. If you got a siren sound its means your CPU is overheating, so need to put off your PC for some time. And if you got 1 long beep after 2 short beep so it is related to video card. I think you should to do first, if possible try the suspected bad hardware in other computer. I would like to suggest you, try the video card and ram in another computer.

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    Re: Long beep and system fails to start

    It may be possible, it occurs due to some loose connection. You can check first all connections of your computer, and you can go for minimal booting process, with everything disconnected except the CPU connection and fanís connection. Because of any of the bad capacitors this kind of problem will occur also so check your motherboard. You can try to swapping of ram and video card and 1 stick of ram and video card to see if it will boot. If it not possible so put ram into another slot and see.

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    Re: Long beep and system fails to start

    I think it could be the motherboard battery problem, and you can try the followings, take out the battery and switch off the button for few second and then put the battery in .and try the butting up and see for some changes. If you would get one and two sort beeps so it means there is a problem with your video card. So it indicating that you have to do something with your video card or with slot. In this case I will look for todayís much faster and comparable video card to the 8600GTs.

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    Re: Long beep and system fails to start

    I had a same problem some time back .there was a problem with my video card or pin connecter. If your num lock on then motherboard, ram and CPU work for num lock to work. Because of this that kind of problem occurred. When I was got long beep I unplugged my monitor I looked a massage my VGA output looked it is a bit massage. So I knew the culprit was my graphics card I think all this will help you a lot to come up your problem.

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