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Thread: What does hpphotosmartessential.msi missing error means

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    What does hpphotosmartessential.msi missing error means

    I am using a HP Photosmart 6510 printer on a Windows XP operating system. After starting my computer it starts looking to load HPPhotosmartEssential.msi file but it is missing from the pc. I read somewhere that it could be in the Prefetch folder but it was not there. Now I dont know where is it and I want to like to get the file loaded so that it can open automatically rather than asking for it at each startup of my pc. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: What does hpphotosmartessential.msi missing error means

    To solve this issue first download Winrar from the internet. After installing it, download the Photosmart Essentials from this link - After downloading this file, you have to right click on pse_350_enu and then choose extract to pse.. or whatever it says. After that go to windows where it says cannot find file and then click browse and then point it to where you have extracted the file that contains pse_350_enu file, thats it.

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    Re: What does hpphotosmartessential.msi missing error means

    You might be having a CD for your HP Photosmart 6510 that you need to insert in the CD/DVD drive. After that go to My Computer and then right click the CD driver and then choose browse. Now go to Setup Folder and then go to the PhotosmartEssential folder and then right click the PhotosmartEssential.msi and choose uninstall. After that restart your computer and check for any changes made.

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    Incase you dont have the installation CD with you then you can run the installation from this link - You will get a installation window after downloading it which you need to quit. After that click on Start and then on Run and then type %temp% and press ok. Now you will get the C6300 installation files under a temp folder which will start with the 7Z characters. Simply enter this folder and then follow the same procedure.

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