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Thread: "webcam is disabled" error message in windows 7

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    "webcam is disabled" error message in windows 7

    I am using a Dell inspiron laptop, with inbuilt windows 7 os and along with this the system is specified with Intel core 2 duo processor, ati radeon graphical interface and inbuilt web cam is attached in my laptop. the machine was working fine till the last few days, but from last night when I tried to make the video chat with the youcam software, after click on the web cam applications, it flashes a error message in my screen, this is look like "webcam is disabled". What type of error message is this, is there any one having any information or idea regarding this problem? I am not able to access the web cam, every time it flashes same error message.

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    Re: "webcam is disabled" error message in windows 7

    As per my opinion I would like to recommend you to reload the firmware of the web cam that you are using. For that visit to the manufacturer web site and from there choose the desire firmware for the webcam and download this one. Now run the installation of that software, at the beginning it will ask you to remove or to overwrite the software with the existing one. do this and go for the fresh installation. Whereas I was also facing similar issue, after that I did this process which I got from a site, and by this the problem is solved.

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    Re: "webcam is disabled" error message in windows 7

    According to me, regarding the error message that you mentioned in your post, is might be occurring for the web cam driver. One of my friends was also facing relevant issue with his inbuilt web cam, after that he also tried a lot to resolve this one with different tricks, but nothing was worked over there. Then by the suggestion of his elder brother, he reload the driver and the problem is solved by this. So I also think that the problem that you mentioned is occurring for the web cam driver. And for this i suggest you to proceed into the device manager and from there reload the driver, right click on the driver name and choose advanced recommended option. You need to locate and run the installation program of your web cam driver.

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    Re: "webcam is disabled" error message in windows 7

    Did you check the hardware plug in into the system case, though I was also have a relevant issue, where as the web cam stopped working whenever I tried to open that one. After that I did a research on this problem along with this one of my friend also proceed with me, but we both did not found any positive reply to resolve this type of problem. After deep search on this, I directly contact with the service engineer, and from ether I found that the problem is in the web cam plug in with the motherboard. They recommend me either change the web cam or change the motherboard. I changed both of them and the problem is solved. So after applying many solutions regarding this, I suggest you to contact with your manufacturer service engineer, from there you will sure get any kind of solution or help.

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