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Thread: USB device working but can't read drive in windows 7

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    USB device working but can't read drive in windows 7

    Hi all,
    I am using from last one and half years a Dell inspiron one desktop computer running with windows 7 OS. The machine is specified with Intel dual core processor and NVIDIA graphical interface. Along with this also i am having a USB flash device. There is a problem i am facing whenever I tried to plug the USB device into the machine. The device is detected but windows does not allow me to access further. I tried to solve this issue, but nothing help me is there any one having any suggestion to resolve this issue?

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    Re:USB device working but can't read drive in windows 7

    As per my opinion I think you should go for the USB mass driver update. For that open device manager and right click on the USB mass storage device driver, and choose on line update option. It will collect the information regarding the update version of the driver and will direct you to download the driver firmware. Wait till the firmware downloads and installed into the machine. A system reboot is required after the process, go for this and reboot your machine. I hope after this the USB device will surely read by the OS.

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    Re:USB device working but can't read drive in windows 7

    As per my knowledge about this type of problems, this type of problems may occur for the OS windows log file, those are works with the hardware device driver. According to the problem that you mentioned, I think those windows log file will missing or corrupt in your windows installed folder. For that I recommend you to download the update version of the file of the operating system from developer web site, and install into your machine.

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    Re:USB device working but can't read drive in windows 7

    Did you check the USB connector or the port in your machine? Whether this one working fine or not. Some of the cases I found that it might be cause for the USB port, though the device is connected, but not read by the windows version. So if this type of problem is arrives in your machine then I recommend you to plug the device and enter into device manager from there check the status of the driver which is working for the USB driver. If this working fine then simply goes to the manufacturer service center and from ether consult with any engineer for the problem. And if still if you are facing the problem then there is a simply solution for this type of problems, format the flesh drive and then try to re-plug it.

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