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Thread: Cannot install MSI wind u100 with meego

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    Cannot install MSI wind u100 with meego

    I m having trouble with my system when I install Meego in my PC it is an MSI wind u100. When i restart the system after installation been completed for the first time the screen looks black and I have not discover any icon or image. The scroll lock key as well as the caps lock continuously blinks on the keyboard. I think it created a kernel panic within the system so that is why having a problem. So anyone what should I do in order to solve the problem inside my pc.

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    Re: Cannot install MSI wind u100 with meego

    Prior to installation enter BIOS setup through USB plugged in and place boot order so your drive where you desire MeeGo to be installed approach before USB. I configured it like this:
    1. WD hard drive (MeeGo)
    2. Amkette usb
    Save as well as exit BIOS. Following restart press F12 to choose boot device as well as choose USB. Now you can begin installation and everything else is identical.

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    Re: Cannot install MSI wind u100 with meego

    I m getting a same problem and obtain the message of "Swapper not tainted" in the kernel panic during the first restart after installing. Booting the live image on my device performs fine. I am installing through the USB Drive to another USB Drive I include the device and which works well with Windows implanted but Meego refuses to boot from it. I tried altering the kernel constraint through the live image case but fail because I did not identify the root password to perform a sudo for the user meego. meego as the password does not pefrom as well as password or empty.

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    Re: Cannot install MSI wind u100 with meego

    The difficulty arises due to the boot order of drives throughout the installation is unusual one after installation (after Live USB removal). System does not have accurate information regarding root path after installation if boot sequence of devices is not comparable to one stated above.
    For example, if boot sequence is like this:
    1. USB
    2. Hard disk
    3. CD-Rom

    During installation procedure USB will be recognized like /dev/sda1 and Hard disk like /dev/sdb1.
    After installation, you cannot find the USB drive is plugged in, boot sequence looks like this:
    1. Hard disk
    2. CD-Rom
    3. USB
    System attempt to mount root through path /dev/sdb1 according to textlinux.config (kernel parameters), which is not accurate location. System can "see" only /dev/sda1.

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