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Thread: Windows Vista is faster than Linux Mint

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    Windows Vista is faster than Linux Mint

    I have Dell Inspiron 1501 computer and have been using it from the past several months. First of all i was using it by the use of Windows XP. Later I switched to Linux Mint. After installing Mint I have started facing several problems and making me very frustrating. Actually the problem I am getting was with the ATI open source drivers. Those drop drivers are not supporting my laptop in any manner. After several try I decided to install Windows Vista on my laptop hoping that they might support those drivers. Following getting Windows Vista my laptop has started working faster than the previous Mint. So it seems to me that the Linux Mint will sluggish the laptop’s performance. What do you say about this?

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    Re: Windows Vista is faster than Linux Mint

    As far as I know the open source drivers meant for ATI/AMD are typically functioning extremely well. Exceptionally sorry to listen to that the Linux Mint has caused you that a large amount problem, individually been making use of ATI cards on behalf of approximately a decade at this moment and I have establish the open source driver functioning tremendously fine recently. From the time when the open source Radean HD 3D driver was unconfined there's typically no cause changing to the FLGRX driver. I think that it would be better if you have chosen the Windows 7 other than Vista.

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    Re: Windows Vista is faster than Linux Mint

    First of all I need to tell you that i haven't practiced that slowness. As I can say if Linux doesn't function Microsoft office package apart from using wine, that is scarcely Linux's responsibility, and it may perhaps probably be sluggish than that native edition. Another way to say that If you encompass an uncorroborated Graphics card, you can anticipate greatly sluggish desktop speeds, seeing that the generic driver will not put forward whichever of that graphic card's inhabitant (expected speed), while it (that driver) cannot obtain benefit of that graphic card's capability totally.

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    Re: Windows Vista is faster than Linux Mint

    In fact I by no means saw what each and every one of the excitement was over Vista. It was a astound firm, snappy Operating system as my experience. However by no means gave me whichever problem at all. The one irritation was UAC, which was Shuts off on the first day I got laptop. Recently I have tried Mint back at release 8, was satisfactorily frightened, and have trapped with a variety of Linux Distributions. However my current Linux Mint 10 is operating well on my Pentium processor and I didnít get any problems so far. I am using the Windows Vista and Linux Mint as a dual boot in my single laptop.

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    Re: Windows Vista is faster than Linux Mint

    As my concern I discover that the open source ATI driver operates much well than the FGLRX proprietary driver. However I at rest acquire the spiffy possessions by way of Cairo Dock vista prompts me that I cover the radeon xpress mobile moreover it’s not supported through the Linux driver. The driver doesn't humiliate in the Linux proprietary drivers list. Simply the b43 broadcomm driver is showing on the list. For that reason I type aticonfig in the command line and it displays me ati is not supported Via Linux Mint or something similar to that.

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