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Thread: When the windows version Meego SDK will be available

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    When the windows version Meego SDK will be available

    There has Meego SDK and simulator for Linux at present. When the windows edition Meego SDK will be obtainable? A few people like me effort in windows computers. We wish to develop applications for Meego as well. Is there anyone who aware of this? Or is there anyone who knows something about this or help me to solve this quote? This is really important for me, because I just newly purchased n900 and itís come with Linux. So please provide me or give me some information if any have.

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    Re: When the windows version Meego SDK will be available

    I will only put in that there are giant numbers of windows developers which are enthusiastic to develop for Meego platform, but are not capable because then will step into Linux soil and that is a bit we do not wish for. Meego will be a deal break if it has sustained for windows development. Visual studio c# incorporation would be breathtaking, but I am conscious that this is sf.

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    Re: When the windows version Meego SDK will be available

    There are tactics to have a Meego SDK for Windows; it is intended first and foremost at application developers. The essential thought is to utilize Qt Creator with extra plugging precise to the Meego cross-compilers. If you are interested, there is the Nokia Qt SDK Beta obtainable from which shows off this thought for the Maemo5 N900, Symbian, and Desktop platforms. I wish this information is useful for you. If you want more information regarding this then please let me know.

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    Re: When the windows version Meego SDK will be available

    If you are wishing to develop applications for Meego, you don't wish the platform SDK that is what has been on the rampage up to now. I extremely suspect that the Meego SDK for application developers will be alike to or based upon the Nokia Qt SDK - which sprints on Windows at present. If you are appearing at getting up to pace on Qt (that is the suggested Meego application development platform), after that you require the Nokia SDK for now. Hope this will helps you.

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    Re: When the windows version Meego SDK will be available

    The SDK released up to now supports Netbook application developers (it comprises Qt Creator), but just sprints on Linux (as up till now). It is completely probable to develop Qt applications to sprint on Meego (Netbook as a minimum) utilizing the present SDK, and utilize the simulator to sprint them within a faux Meego environment. The plan is to support Mac and Windows the instant probable, utilizing Qt Creator plus MADDE as a base.

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