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Thread: Unable to uninstall ubuntu

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    Unable to uninstall ubuntu

    I installed ubuntu with the CD on a computer which is recently running on to the windows XP. Today I want to uninstall it because I give my computer to my dad. But in this I am not able to find any of the way to uninstall it. Actually if I boot from the CD then it wants to reinstall ubuntu, I stopped the installation in step partitions. Then I read a procedure on the site but I cannot find ubuntu in Add or Remove Programs. So I went into desktop properties and then advanced to boot but nothing I can not access the edit button so in that I have two lines
    • "Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" / noexecute = option / fast (I do not see more)
    • "Microsoft Windows Recovery Console XP" / cmdcons

    Can anyone tell me what I gotta do to remove ubuntu . I just want to thank you guys in advance.

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    Re: Unable to uninstall ubuntu

    I have solution for this but you go for this if:
    1. You installed Ubuntu in Microsoft Windows by using the installer Wubi
    2. The second thing is that if you want to delete ubuntu while keeping intact your current installation of Windows.

    This can be useful, for example, if you want to completely get rid of Ubuntu, because your experience with it has not proven conclusively. Or rather, you want to uninstall Ubuntu installed by Wubi to reinstall it in its own physical partition, separate from those of Windows. So in order to get rid from this issue you just follow the Procedure
    • Open the Control Panel (Start → Control Panel);
    • Open the uninstaller program;
    • Windows 2000/XP: This is the Add / Remove Programs;
    • Windows Vista is the tool → Programs Uninstall a program;
    • In the list of installed programs, locate Ubuntu;
    • Make a right-tick this entry and choose the uninstall option;
    • Follow the instructions on the screen.

    Thatís it you have to do in order to get rid from this kind of issue.

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    Re: Unable to uninstall ubuntu

    I must say regarding the previous reply that you have to follow these steps to get rid from your issue, there are no more traces of Ubuntu in your Windows partition, and boot menu entries have been removed. If entries are not removed Ubuntu boot menu, use the software EasyBCD to modify this menu. If you have XP and you still cannot delete this menu, you must edit the BOOT.INI by deleting the line starting with "Ubuntu ". To modify this file, use the following procedure: Right click on My Computer / Properties / Advanced / Startup and Recovery / Settings / System Startup / Edit. If you installed wubi on a disk other than C and refuses to uninstall it, download the uninstaller Uninstall-Ubuntu.exe and run it.

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    Re: Unable to uninstall ubuntu

    First of all I want to thank you regarding the solution I must say that thank you for your support! Then I handed the CD of ubuntu but it did not offer an uninstall, I continued to see, I put the screen partition and put me a message telling me that I could not go back when I installed so I left the facility, so I have made no choice, and also it showed me the sheet music or I can see XP and Ubuntu. I had to search the Net for Easy BCD an executable, which I started, but if I have access to the left menu on the right everything is gray so I cannot change anything. By cons I did not have enough down low because I did not see the uninstall-ubuntu.exe. I'll see it once and I want to know. Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Unable to uninstall ubuntu

    I am also going through the same issue and in this At startup I can choose between ubuntu and XP with several lines but I do not have time to note that there must be 6 or 7 lines before Windows XP. I cannot find it in Add / Remove Programs so I cannot uninstall. I searched the computer start, search and found a folder on the ubuntu hard drive I deleted but still ubuntu .It is a stubborn one here. Thank you for the good luck! I continue to seek.

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    Re: Unable to uninstall ubuntu

    you should edit your boot.ini, I'm not sure the method "wild" folder deletion in ubuntu is good or not. But hey then you can try this, the menu looks run and between: msconfig then validates the "enter" Be careful what you going to change, remember every gesture, leaving a note It must be proposed in the tab, something that relates to the boot option to boot from memory I think. You should be able to edit your boot.ini file, remove the lines related to Ubuntu, not the other, and valid, you can copy all in a text file before making any changes. This method is far from being the cleanest, I advise you to GOOGLE This there are a bunch of little utility to easily manage your boot.ini in case, this file is a hidden system file located on your c: drive I hope I was as clear as possible, good luck

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