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Thread: Justcheck.exe take place at startup in windows 7

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    Justcheck.exe take place at startup in windows 7

    I just newly obtained Windows 7 64 bit on a new computer from Dell. When I boot up .I get the message from an unidentified publisher labeled ' Justcheck.exe ', as well as while I reply 'no' to the message, Java come into view in my task box . I have McAfee for antivirus, and wonderful antispyware plus these do not address this problem. I do not know anything about this Justcheck.exe so somebody please recommend me on this problem?

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    Re: Justcheck.exe take place at startup in windows 7

    From my opinion Justcheck.exe is component of the Java update manager. My best recommendation would be that you go to java web site in addition to download/install the most up-to-date edition of Java as well as observe if the problem reoccurs. I expect you discover this information helpful as well as if you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact me as well as let me make out. I hope this information was usefulů

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    Re: Justcheck.exe take place at startup in windows 7

    Hey I am getting the similar Justcheck.exe when I Keep receiving a windows image flashing up in my taskbar. While I press on it I obtain a windows message declaring an unknown program needs to do changes to my PC, this program is justcheck.exe. Now I always press NO as I do not identify what it is. Though, after pressing NO I gets a detail bubble stating a Java update is set for my PC, now I make out Java is completely updated! Any thoughts what it could be?

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    Re: Justcheck.exe take place at startup in windows 7

    If it is jucheck.exe I do not believe it is stating you require a Java Update, I believe it is the Java Updater struggling to get the internet to make sure whether you require an update. Is it somewhat you are able to run as Administrator (right press and "Run as Administrator")? It may be that installing it as a usual user (in addition to in Windows7 Administrator users are not true administrators) does not provide it sufficient permissions.

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