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Thread: Blue error crash screen bccode 124 in windows 7

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    Blue error crash screen bccode 124 in windows 7

    I have windows 7 installed system as well as the whole thing was fine. I now in recent times took my PC apart to install a latest cpu cooler, with after that i over clocked it again to 3.8Mhz, ever since then i get a blue screen every once in a while that says bccode 124, I obtain this error code even while playing the game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I have no thought what would reason this problem. Any assist would be very much valued.

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    Re: Blue error crash screen bccode 124 in windows 7

    The issue is with your drivers. BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) crashes are usually being the reason because of the bad drivers in addition to wrongly blame on the operating system. Unluckily while this is the situation there is little Microsoft be able to perform as the issue is with the vendor's code. I advise you beat down on their sustain lines as well as inform them that you are receiving crashes as a consequence of their hardware as well as drivers. they be supposed to open the pertinent support tickets for you.

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    Re: Blue error crash screen bccode 124 in windows 7

    It has to be somewhat that was completed throughout the cooler install or connected to the over-clocking. Primary thing to perform is stop over-clocking. Subsequent would be to take out ALL power as well as reseat everything. The cards, memory, as well as cables in fact take out as well as replace .do not a moment ago snug. Make sure the heatsink as well as even the compound among the heatsink also processor.

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    Re: Blue error crash screen bccode 124 in windows 7

    It could be heat correlated. You have to attempt utilizing a tiny fan to blow into the air intakes to observe if that assist. Then take out the entire power as well as reseat all cards, memory, in addition to cables in fact remove as well as replace .you do not just snug. Take out the dirt bunnies as well as clean the vents. Make sure that the fans effort. These sounds like hardware as a consequence if the above does not assist then you perhaps require the assist of a real PC shop or the System manufacturer Support.

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    Re: Blue error crash screen bccode 124 in windows 7

    It is a problem with drivers. So you have to ask the game producer to give the patches or any updates for Windows 7.alike thing occur with me while i was playing Tomb Raider: Anniversary on my laptop. As playing Screen freeze as well as it displays that Blue Screen Error. You may carry on game through turning off a number of high graphic properties inside game like Water effects; Shadow Effects. This would solve the issue.

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