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Thread: error 0x8002801c on windows 7 register ocx using regsvr32

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    error 0x8002801c on windows 7 register ocx using regsvr32

    I am having a couple of .OCX file with the same file name out of which one is placed into the windows\system32 directory and another one is in the local drive. When I am trying to register the second .OCX file then it is not letting me register it as it shows me an error 0x8002801c and tells me that register ocx using regsvr32.

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    Re: error 0x8002801c on windows 7 register ocx using regsvr32

    It may be necessary to locate the control to register / désenregister, for example to destroy it after unregister (in the case of malice). On your system, just use Windows Explorer to locate the component. Example for the dll cabview.dll: it is found in c: \ windows \ system32 (or c: \ winnt \ system32). Tapper then its full path: For the record
    • regsvr32 c: \ windows \ system32 \ cabview.dll
    • regsvr32 c: \ winnt \ system32 \ cabview.dll

    To unregister
    • regsvr32 / uc: \ windows \ system32 \ cabview.dll
    • regsvr32 / uc: \ winnt \ system32 \ cabview.dll

    To destroy the component, after unregister. Use Windows Explorer, delete the resource and then empty the trash.

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    Re: error 0x8002801c on windows 7 register ocx using regsvr32

    Regsvr32.exe tool lets you save and delete dynamic link libraries (DLLs) and ActiveX controls in the registry. It generally uses the Command Prompt to perform these operations, but can also save time, go through the menu. Regsvr32.exe to add context menu "Send To"

    1. Open the Start menu and run Run (or use the key combination Windows + R)
    2. Sendto Enter the Run dialog box
    3. Right-click and select New> Shortcut
    4. Click on Browse to select the item and then click OK Regsvr32.exe
    5. Click Next, enter the name of the shortcut and click Finish.

    Now you can register a DLL or an ActiveX control via the menu "Send To".

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    Re: error 0x8002801c on windows 7 register ocx using regsvr32

    RegSvr32.exe tool used to record dynamic libraries (. Dll), if you pass the registration by clicking "close", it is normal that the program does not work! One might assume that RegSvr32.exe is corrupt ... have you tried to repair the command SFC / SCANNOW via Start / Run (mind the space between SFC and /)? The XP cd will be requested. Caution, this command makes it unusable restore points, so create one just after.

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    Re: error 0x8002801c on windows 7 register ocx using regsvr32

    File regsvr32.exe is in the directory C: \ Windows \ System32. Known file sizes on Windows XP is 11.776 bytes (71% occurrence), 9.728 bytes, 59.392 bytes. The process has a visible window. The file is a trusted Microsoft. The rating assigned technical security is 17% dangerous, consider reading the user comments.

    If regsvr32.exe is located in a subfolder of "C: \ Program Files \ Common Files" then the security rating is 21% dangerous. The file size is 13.824 bytes. This program has a visible window. You can uninstall the program from the control panel. The program starts when Windows starts (see Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ RunOnce, HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run ). This is not a Windows system file. regsvr32.exe is similar to a compressed file.

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