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Thread: Windows 7: No desktop shortcut and start menu

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    Windows 7: No desktop shortcut and start menu

    Well I am using dual boot system With Windows 7 and Windows Vista on my laptop. Yesterday I was running Windows 7 and accessed the user profile of mine which was located in vista partition to get some files. Suddenly Windows 7 paused and prompted that it was accessing the targeted folder and after some time I was able to access the files. After some time I tried to access Internet Explorer through shortcut from the desktop. It simply prompted that there is no short cut. Well same thing happened for all the desktop shortcuts. I have immediately restarted the laptop and I have found that the background of the desktop turns to black and there was nothing on the start menu of the computer. Now please help me in this situation.

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    Re: Windows 7: No desktop shortcut and start menu

    Well I am having the same problem which you have mentioned above in your post. Well I am running Windows 7 7100 x64 on my computer. Today I have shut down the computer after two hours I have booted the computer and I have found that there was no short cuts on the desktop which was available. Well now I am unable to access the file any thing on my computer. Please let me know any solution on this particular situation.

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    Re: Windows 7: No desktop shortcut and start menu

    Well looking at your situation I think I have figured out the root cause of the problem in this particular situation. I have found that the many times Windows is unable to read user profile on your computer. Well I should tell you briefly if you are having antivirus software on your computer it is possible that it might be scanning your system while you are attempting login. I recommended you that you should restart your computer again and try to login again in your computer. I am hoping that it may help you to solve the matter.

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    Re: Windows 7: No desktop shortcut and start menu

    I think in this situation your user profile which you are using to login might be corrupted. I am providing you following instruction which you can utilize to create new profile.
    1. You have to click on Start menu on the desktop and go for Control Panel.
    2. No click on User Accounts and Family Safety and choose Manage another account. If it is requested for an administrator password simply enter it and proceed.
    3. You have to search for Create a new account and create new user account by entering desire name and click on the Account type and simply click on the Create Account.
    Now you have created a new user account on your system and see now its working or not. If it is working for you then you can transfer the files to new account form the corrupted one.

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    Re: Windows 7: No desktop shortcut and start menu

    Have tried with safe mode? Well as far as I know minimum drivers are loaded in to the safe mode so you can figure out where is the issue on your computer. Now question is how to boot your computer in safe mode? Well its very simple and it consist of the following steps.
    1. You have to restart your computer. Press F8 key from your computer.
    2. It will redirect to Advanced Boot Option screen. Here you have to select Safe Mode by using arrow key and press Enter.
    Now your computer will boot in safe mode now try to login in your computer and see whether its working or not.

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