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Thread: Android applications on Maemo

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    Android applications on Maemo

    I have bought a Nokia N900 mobile phone and I want to check the compatibility of this phone with that of an Android platform. I know that this phone runs the Maemo operating system but does it has a support for running the application that are made for android based devices. I would be happy if it can run such applications as there are many application that are needed to install on this phone.

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    Re: Android applications on Maemo

    I think it won't be possible to run the applications that runs on an Android operating system as both of these operating systems are totally different due to which the application that runs on an Android won't be running on the Maemo operating system. There could be different version for maemo of the same application which would be made specially to run on maemo.

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    Re: Android applications on Maemo

    Maemo and Android are two theoretically Opensource OS and open. What emerges is that while Maemo is not perfect, it offers greater freedom Android including giving unrestricted access and hacks at the root of the machine but also because it does not require Use an SDK owner. Potentially all Linux applications could be adapted (with some modifications especially at the interface). Beside that Android is seen as an island apart "on which developers do not always have the choice of language and where manufacturers of machines will be reluctant to leave too much freedom to users.

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    Re: Android applications on Maemo

    The main point to note about how this version on Nokia N900 Froyo:
    • It does not recognize the status of the battery
    • It does not detect the memory card
    • Sound works correctly
    • The Wifi works correctly
    • Navigation is extremely fast, a page can load heavy in 3-4 seconds

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