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Thread: Vista BSoD STOP code question

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    Vista BSoD STOP code question

    Booting up my Vista Home Premium PC I now recieve the following error on a BLUE SCREEN of DEATH:

    STOP: 0x00000019 (0x0000000000000020,0xFFFFFA800852AAB0,0xFFFFFA800852AAD0,0x000000000402000E)

    How can I decipher this?

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    Re: Vista BSoD STOP code question

    I think that the error is caused by bad ram that is installed on your pc, so try a RAM test on memtest, I've had the error before and I think it's due to RAM not working properly before executing memory hungry applications. You could also try booting by pressing F8, and then selecting "use unsigned drivers", and see if the BSOD persists. By the way, can you please tell us what is your computer specifications?

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    I'm running Vista Home Premium 64 bit w/4GB ram which should be enough; but I'll try your suggestion nonetheless, even though I'm not running anything unusual and the BSoD occurs at boot-up and have few start-up programs or services running.

    I was hoping to come across specific documentation from M$ what those hex codes in the STOP message mean but they seem to be hiding it pretty well for some reason ?

    Thanks for your suggestion,

    Also, I don't get the BSoD on every boot and when I do I simply unplug my PC (since the power button doesn't do a restart - is there a better way?) and the subsequent boot is always successful which though I'm grateful seems bizarre.

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