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Thread: BSOD while watching movies

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    BSOD while watching movies

    I just bought a Dell desktop system , prior to this I had a celeron enabled system , I used it for around 5 and odd years and then decided to change it , I then bought it just a month ago , I needed a new system so that I could play new games on it , I use AMD processor and 2 RAM sticks of 2 GB each in it , I had want to install around 16 GB of RAM over all but this much RAM to results in random shutdowns and results in BSOD or you can say Blue screen of Death errors in whenever I play games in it and watch movies in it , Can any one tell me how my new system is resulting in this much errors , am really very much annoyed and do not want my system to have any kind of problems .

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    Re: BSOD while watching movies

    What edition of Catalyst are you making use of? Also, just check out that all of your drivers up to dateYour hardware config looks good . What you are telling may be a driver problem. Are you overclocking your video cards? If so, relapse to default levels. Also, you may think about removing one of your 5870s to notice if it results a difference. It amy result out as GPU or RAM issue .

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    Re: BSOD while watching movies

    While you are at, run a memory test to confirm your RAM is all fine Also, verify that your memory is working at default settings (immediately set your motherboard to automatically position the speed). It is highly recommended that you do not run at the rated 1600 point, it will be better if you run at the default 1333 level. Performance differences are insignificant (at best) while steadiness can raise dramatically. So far so good with the suggested downclock and the drivers of the various peripherals. However, I do not think that this matter should be closed. You should continue to test and it will be better if you keep updating in a day or two.

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    Re: BSOD while watching movies

    Well as said above , it may be a GPU issue , a RAM issue or it may also be the because of the both . Si I can help you in diagnosing the issue , what you will have to do is you can test the RAM test as you had said that you have two RAM Chips installed , so it may also be possible that your one of the RAM chip is not functioning and causing the BSOD or Blue Screen error , so what you can do is you can remove one of the stick and reboot the system ,and then in the second attempt replace the spare RAM stick and reboot the system , this way you can isolate the issue in the RAM stick. Similarly you can test the Video card as well.

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