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Thread: My folder name is too long is not able to copy in windows 7

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    My folder name is too long is not able to copy in windows 7

    I am working on windows 7 operating system installed asus laptop when attempting to copy a folder with lots of sub folders, a few folders is not able to copy. I am attempting to copy this 2 to 3 time but every time I find a message that the folder names are too long, as well as the merely choice is to omit those folders. Does anybody know the maximum folder (and file as well) name length that windows 7 will copy?

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    Re: My folder name is too long is not able to copy in windows 7

    Windows 7 supports up to 260 characters file name. I would advise you to reduce the characters in the file name as well as after that attempt copying the folders. You have to run the check disk utility on the hard drive as well as after that verify. For that you have to Go to Computer by pressing the Start key, plus after that pressing Computer. And then you have to Right-press the drive that you would like to verify, as well as after that press Properties. Then you have to press the Tools tab, with followed by, in Error-checking, press Check now.

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    Re: My folder name is too long is not able to copy in windows 7

    To automatically repair issues with files and folders that the scan detects, you have to choose automatically fix file system errors. Or else, the disk check will report issues however not solve them. To do a careful verify, choose Scan for plus try recovery of bad sectors. This scan attempts to locate as well as repair physical errors on the drive itself, in addition to it be able to get much longer to complete. To verify for both file errors as well as physical errors, choose both automatically solve file system errors as well as Scan for plus attempt recovery of bad sectors.And at the last you have to press Start.

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    Re: My folder name is too long is not able to copy in windows 7

    Depending on the range of your drive, this might get more than a few minutes. For finest consequences, you do not have to utilize your laptop for any other tasks while it is ensuring for errors. Whereas performing check disk on the hard drive if any awful sectors are initiate on the hard drive when check disk attempt to repair that sector if any data accessible on that might be lost. Hope this helps.

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