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Thread: Windows 7: On the start menu “Search programs and files” doesn't work

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    Windows 7: On the start menu “Search programs and files” doesn't work

    Hello friends. Write to the start menu the name of a program, file or folder and confirm your search is the same on both Windows Vista and 7. For several days, do not look option programs and files from the start menu. Aat what time I type search for "Safari", e.g. find what I pictured. When I click on "Programs", which is underlined as a hyperlink. Follow the recommendations on security in internet options, but remains the same. I do not imagine that's the trouble. Neither are in the start menu search applications such as cmd and regedit. This happens just in the start menu and the searches from windows explorer performed. In indexing options when I selected index rebuild, however it did not work. I checked with Kaspersky anti-virus 8 for Windows 7 and Nod32 and found no spyware, worm or similar. All I bear in mind having done is the usual: deleting temporary files, make use of CCleaner on the way to clean registry and browsing history, Tuneup Utilities 2009. The latest program I installed was Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, however after the searches were made in the start menu. I assume there is a customized value in regedit. A few months ago did the similar and I resolved it by reinstalling Windows 7, but lost all updates. Who can help me It is tedious having to scroll through all the programs to find the one I want. thank you in advance for any suggestion.

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    Re: Windows 7: On the start menu “Search programs and files” doesn't work

    I think it's some of the indexation, the changes you made to the registry and if possible restore them with the option that brings the rescue center program something similar to this, check it out and let me know the result. If your issue still persist inform me s that we can provide some more suggestion to resolve this issue.

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    Re: Windows 7: On the start menu “Search programs and files” doesn't work

    I would like to be familiar with if you bear in mind what alteration you made on your PC after which you are facing this problem? Can you please brief the procedures you have tried on the way to resolve the problem? In the meanwhile I will recommend you to try the following:

    1. You can run the Fix It tool from : link: Windows Search is not functioning or searches are slower

    2. If this does not fix it after that follow below steps. Run the in-built troubleshooter to make out if the problem be able to be resolved. To perform this, please follow the below mentioned steps:
    i. Click start menu and select control panel and choose Troubleshooting
    ii. Below system and security, choose search and Indexing choice.
    iii. After this just follow the wizard on the way to troubleshoot the problem.

    On the other hand, if the problem persists, let's carry on:
    i. Back to Indexing choice and now click ‘Advanced’ button.
    ii. After that Click Rebuild button.
    iii. And finally Click OK.

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    Re: Windows 7: On the start menu “Search programs and files” doesn't work

    Thanks for your valuable recommendations. I have followed your procedure to resolve the issue using troubleshoot but it does not fix the trouble. I have also restored from previous alteration of Tuneup utilities 2009, however did not work. The indexing of the content files and I am repeating a second time, on the way to attempt to give a result (I did not find progress for the first occasion and am not certain that would have been completed.) So far all goes fine. Does anybody have more suggestions?

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    Re: Windows 7: On the start menu “Search programs and files” doesn't work

    I am also experiencing this accurate trouble as well, on a brand new Windows 7 Home premium 64bit install. I have also followed the steps mentioned above by means of an exception - I was not capable on the way to delete the specific registry keys, yet after verifying my present AD account (domain administrator) has rights of the keys. Still I carried on through the rest of the steps. At the moment when I type into the search box, similar thing. I get a number of of the files on my hard drive, emails in Outlook, and so on. However no applications - it by no means discover cmd or notepad or else other applications.

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