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Thread: What should be the future upgrade to Android 2.1

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    What should be the future upgrade to Android 2.1

    Hello guys I have been using my Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 for quite some time now that is having the latest version of the operating system that is Android 2.1. While having this operating system I found that although it is still a decent operating system with which we are able to get some but not all the functionality together but still I think that the operating system has allot to offer. All these times while using the phone I thought that the phone or the operating system lacks something or the other in some aspect. So guys I would want to know that what can be done or what are the functions that are needed to be added in order to make this operating system more fruitful and delivering even more and more better result to the end users.

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    Re: What should be the future upgrade to Android 2.1

    Hey its really nice to have this kind of thread that can help not only the developers who would want to know what are the areas in which the Android 2.1 is lacking but also it will help the end users like us who would every time want some more functionality in the operating system. I have also been using the same phone having the same operating system that is Android 2.1, and while using I thought that it had all the functionality that the smart phone OS has and really I liked the way with which the OS is designed to have access all the real life applications, only one things that annoys me is that whenever I keep my phone on charging the phone gets very hot and would always fear of getting the phone to damage. If this is due to the OS then I think that this problem should be addressed by the developers. Hope they will in the future.

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    Re: What should be the future upgrade to Android 2.1

    Since I have upgraded to the Android 2.1 operating system I have found that there is some degrade in the processing of the data or whenever I open any application the phone generally takes a long time to get start. Although I have enough space vacant in the memory but I think that since the update my phone has become a bit slow in operation. Again, if this is something to be related with the operating system then I would specially request the developers to take special care since to most of the user the speed is very important factor.

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    Re: What should be the future upgrade to Android 2.1

    I have enjoyed a way too much using this phone since I have updated to the Android 2.1 operating system. It is a special thumps up to the developers who have done all the hard work in bringing such a good operating system that is helping us to have a good time with the phone. I donít have anything to criticize over them but I think that there is lack of settings in the operating with which whatever we input to stay off but the settings gets reactivating all the time, due to this we have to again carry out the same thing again while performing any work. This should be addressed by the developers.

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