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Thread: Windows Vista: Browser screen background is flickering

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    Windows Vista: Browser screen background is flickering

    From last two years I am having a Dell inspiron laptop, which is running with windows vista OS. I am a college student also doing work in a MNC company. I basically sue this machine for my home purpose, like to access internet for my study and few of official tasks. Io installed Mozilla Firefox web browser in my laptop. This worked fine, but from this morning, when I first open my machine and start web browser to access internet, I saw that, the background screen of the browser application is flickering continuously, and with within few second the flickering ratio is increases. I instantly reboot my machine, after that for first few minute there is nothing happened, but it starts again. Then I shut down my machine. Is this browser problem or any other machine problem, canít understand. Is there anyone having any suggestion on this issue?

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    Re: Windows Vista: Browser screen background is flickering

    I think the problem that you mentioned in your post, surely the browser application problem. For that I recommend you to update the application version. May be the browser application version that you are using is not up to date. Though I was having relevant issue in my Netscape web browser application, and found this problem, so I recommend you to go for update the browser application version, I hope this will help you to overcome from this problem.

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    Re: Windows Vista: Browser screen background is flickering

    I suggest you to try with another browser, check whether this is working fine or not. As per my opinion, I donít think so it is an issue for browser application program. Somewhere I found that, this might be happened for graphical interface may the driver that you installed in your laptop. Proceed to device manager and from there select display driver, right lick on it and choose update option, now click on online tab, this will collect the update driver version information and shown to you in a pop-up window, click on update option. After that it will update the driver version. Reboot your machine; this time you will not get nay issue with your graphical interface.

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    Re: Windows Vista: Browser screen background is flickering

    Facing relevant issue in the Firefox web browser. The browser is running on windows 7 platform. The problem is that, browser is not working when I tried to open any web site. After insert the URL and then when I click on GO button, it flashes page loading error, where as the internet is connected and also web site is easily opening in the internet explorer browser application. I tried by reloading eth browser, but still the problem is occurring. What should I do? Is there anyone having similar issue, or any solution for this problem?

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