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Thread: windows 7 : Hidden folders are not opening

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    windows 7 : Hidden folders are not opening

    I am not able to open some of the hidden folders in my windows 7 compatible dell inspiron laptop, which I basically use for internet access and some of the entrainment purpose like to watch movies and sometimes to play games. There is no problem in my machine till the last days, but suddenly after install a graphics application program, the hidden folder are not showing also not able to open them. Those files are very important for me. I am not having such technical idea, so I canít able to rectify this problem. Someone from here having any solution or any other information regarding this problem?

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    Re: windows 7 : Hidden folders are not opening

    There is a process, by this I hope you will be able to locate the hidden file from your machine. For that open start menu, and type and insert eth enema of the folder or any file name, those are inside of that folder, and press ENTER. It will search the desire file or folder, which name you inserted, now after that right click on the file or folder name, nod from eth properties window, uncheck hidden option. i had the similar issue, and after did this process the problem is solved. Try this.

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    Re: windows 7 : Hidden folders are not opening

    I am also facing similar issue in my windows vista compatible machine, the problem is occurred after install eth graphics driver in my machine, hidden folders are shown to me, but not opening. After double click on eth folder, it flashes that, windows cannot allowed me to access this folder. What this message means, I canít understand. Io tried by remove the graphics driver, I thought by this problem arrives, but no after that also similar issue is occurring in my machine. Now for what,. I canít understand. So I am here, I hope some will definitely help me to resolve the issue.

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    Re: windows 7 : Hidden folders are not opening

    According to me this is completely operating system problem, the issue can be solved by reload the operating system in your machine, because I was also facing similar issue, after that one of my friend suggest me with this process, and by this the problem solved. But remember, if you are having hidden files in that drive where the operating system is installed, then replace the files from there. Now insert windows installation disk and reboot your machine. Now from the windows installation window, choose install now option. By following some of the installation instruction to completes the process. Now before install any driver or other software applications in your machine, make sure that the hidden files are present in your machine, and you can able to access them. Go through this, I hope by this you will sure overcome from the problem.

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