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Thread: File gets automatically rename and delete

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    File gets automatically rename and delete

    I want to create a digital representation of my school plan. The program that I want to use the following functions:

    1. View a PDF file (this is our representation plan as a Word document)
    2. Exchange of two PDF files
    3. The selection of the files is controlled via a menu screen similar to the Explorer. Currently, we have to select new files for each day.
    4. I want to simplify the whole and have considered the following: So related to this we create the representation plan heute.pdf with the name and morgen.pdf. These two file names will then be deposited in the presentation program.

    Now the problem is that the next day, the representation plan heute.pdf obsolete and can be deleted. The agency plan must be morgen.pdf automatically (eg at start / at a time) renamed heute.pdf. The file morgen.pdf is rebuilt. Thus, alternate takes two files from the display and change I need to keep the presentation program, the file name. If I have the words to understand I can add my details like.

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    Re: File gets automatically rename and delete

    Actually a batch line for this purpose would be enough:

    "D:\Vertretungsplan\morgen.pdf" "D:\Vertretungsplan\heute.pdf"
    If this line as a text file "D: \ representation plan \ Wechsel.cmd is saved, simply a call to this file (by double clicking the file or a shortcut to the file or run via Task Scheduler) to" heute.pdf "by "morgen.pdf" to replace. To replace the start of the program carried out, could be written to the program as a second line in this batch file, the path (but then would every time the program is started on this batch, made the replacement - it would have to therefore have a further inspection place (such as the type, whether the "morgen.pdf" the file date is today and therefore is currently not allowed to be renamed)).

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    Re: File gets automatically rename and delete

    In my case it is little bit different. Actually in my case my system gets slow I do not know why it is happening. Sorry I forget to tell you about this. Recently I am using windows 7 operating system and regarding this somebody told me to delete the temporary file so you will be able to get the solution for your issue. But I do not know that how to do this so regarding this if you guys have any solution then please explain me over here, so regarding this I will be greatful for it.

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    Re: File gets automatically rename and delete

    I can say that this is a simple trick that can be implemented from the following:
    • Open up your notepad.
    • Type the following: cd C: \ Users \% username% \ AppData \ Local rmdir \ S \ Q Temp.
    • Then save the file with the name you want but it must be with the extension. Bat.
    • Save also a shortcut on the desktop itself.
    • Then subtract click the shortcut to delete temporary files.
    • If not, change% username% in the 2 nd step, the actual user name in Windows.

    Through this little step you will automatically delete temporary files in Windows 7 for maintaining the operating system optimized.

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    Re: File gets automatically rename and delete

    Rename4u is a real godsend for those who have to face a large amount of files, be they music, photographs, individual files of a Web site under construction, or other documents. This program performs a simple but important: to rename all the names of files in one go. It might seem a small thing, but it is not. Download and install Rename4u (link at the bottom of the guide), a wizard will help you during the installation. So by do9ing this you can also fix your issue.

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