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Thread: Segmentation fault while starting with sudo

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    Segmentation fault while starting with sudo

    I want to run mintinstall program on my Linux Mint 10 using sudo. I need to enter password for the same. Well Synaptic works properly on my system but it crashes the mintinstall. It shows the following error on the screen
    $ sudo mintinstall 
    /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintInstall/ SyntaxWarning: import * only allowed at module level
      def get_status_description(self, transaction):
    /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintInstall/ SyntaxWarning: import * only allowed at module level
      def get_role_description(self, transaction):
    add_categories took 1.675 ms
    build_matched_packages took 0.230 ms
    add_packages took 2123.184 ms
    add_reviews took 0.047 ms
    __init__ took 2264.985 ms
    Segmentation fault.
    Can anyone tell me why segmentation fault error is generated? Please let me know if you are having any solution with you

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    Re: Segmentation fault while starting with sudo

    Well I want to let you why have been this error is generated? As far as I know segmentation error is occurred when memory is being accessed by the application which does not have the correct permission. So I think due to this possible reason all the permission defined for the application might be mixed up. Technically segmentation fault is a bus error which is occurred which is when the memory access violation is occurred which is notified by the hard ware resources of the system. Kernel of the operating system sends a signal to the process that caused the exception. In generally the process which caused exception is terminated by the kernel of the operating system

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    Re: Segmentation fault while starting with sudo

    Well according to my knowledge it is not proper way to use Mintinstall. Basically Mintinstall is and GUI application. For your information GUI stands for the Graphical User Interface. You are supposed to use Mintinstall with gksu. It makes use of APT (Application Packaging Tool) of the system which is running in the background. Hence it needs authentication whenever you do install or uninstall the program as you do with sudo on the command line.

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    Re: Segmentation fault while starting with sudo

    Well looking at your situation I am suggesting you to check whether RAM is working properly or not. Segmentation fault error may occur due to bad memory (RAM). To figure out you have to do memory test of the system. Well you have to reboot your computer. Now you should select memtest from the Grub menu. Well memtest is a standalone software program that does not require any operating system. Using this program you can diagnose whether the RAM that you have installed on your computer has any fault or not.

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    Re: Segmentation fault while starting with sudo

    Well I donít know how to solve your problem in Linux Mint 10? But I have solution that you can use it if the segmentation error is occurred in Ubuntu. As per my knowledge you must not have done installation of the Ubuntu with proper root privileges. You have to login into system as Administrator of the system. Now look at the /etc/sudoers file. You should add following line of the code after the root ALL=(ALL) ALL Now copy paste the following line
    wg ALL=(ALL) ALL
    I thinks this will definitely help you out from the problem. If you are having any query about the solution kindly ask.

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