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Thread: rpmforge error "HTTP Error 403: Forbidden" in CentOS

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    rpmforge error "HTTP Error 403: Forbidden" in CentOS

    Just yesterday copied rpmforge repository for centos, but when you connect the following error. [Errno 14] HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
    and when I tried another mirror, I was getting
    Error: Can not retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml file) for repository: rpmforge. Please verify path and try again ITS
    Somebody from your side have used it? I want to know your experience on it. Please help to find some remedy for my problem.

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    Re: rpmforge error "HTTP Error 403: Forbidden" in CentOS

    Means you want to access a page which for some reason do not have access, access has been denied. Look at the file permissions are at 644 and there is no file. Http is denying that access. Also I would like to suggest you to do the following:
    # Yum install to privoxy vidalia
    Then if you'll always do anonymous surfing:
    # Chkconfig privoxy on
    If you want to activate:
    # Service privoxy start
    So you set the system to boot privoxy to start the second you start the program (just the first time or forever if you do not use the first command to configure automatic startup), then you're applications / internet / vidalia and start the connection to Tor network, this is a graphical interface and there you can change your IP address. Then you go to Firefox, Edit / Preferences / Advanced / Network / Configuration / Manual proxy configuration put HTTP Proxy: localhost Port: 8118 and you click on the "Use this proxy for all" accept / close and these surf anonymously. You have access to any page in any country, you can configure other programs to use privoxy to connect and everything is more or less the same.

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    Re: rpmforge error "HTTP Error 403: Forbidden" in CentOS

    When we decided on any particular Linux distribution, installed it and started to use and configure. At first we must have a basic system with which to begin to build an operating system more suitable to our requirements, either by commissioning services (web, ftp, proxy, firewall, etc), increased functionality to these by third-party applications, or have a more personalized desktop, or with more features. This necessarily requires management packages whether we chose to install these manually (from sources), use the package manager of your distribution (eg Red Hat RPM, Deb for Debian), and the more than times, a settlement system and installation of dependencies (eg yum, apt, up2date, apt.) In this way we can have better control over the packages installed.

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    Re: rpmforge error "HTTP Error 403: Forbidden" in CentOS

    In most of the time, the package that gives us our distribution provider must, as they regularly include several thousand packages ready to be installed. On these packages the provider makes a commitment of support, which we trust we will have a good performance, support and updating of packages for a certain time (depending on vendor and product), if something comes to rule on certain package, we can inform the provider and this regularly, we provide a solution. However, our needs sometimes go beyond the remedies provided by the supplier. In these situations, the last option we have is to install a package from source (with the attendant processes of compilation and resolution of dependencies), thus losing the virtue of our package manager. Before that we consult with the solution provider if you have a precompiled version compatible with our system. Still, could face the problem of dependency resolution than can be tiring and frustrating for the majority. To overcome this dilemma, there are alternatives, such as packaging projects that provide solutions tanks ready for installation applications.

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    Re: rpmforge error "HTTP Error 403: Forbidden" in CentOS

    There are several packaging projects, each has its own orientation and try to solve particular problems from the standpoint of those who compose it. This was the case with several projects: freshrpms, Dries, Dag, NewRPMS and ATrpms. Each of these provides an integrated solution packages with the format in which everyone felt comfortable, or suggested to be the best solution. This caused that, somehow, does not recommend mixing these projects. Seeing this situation, these 5 projects decided to do, what they call a mega-merger projects: RPMForge. With this, what they pursue, is to have methods with certain standard packaging, providing solutions to most versions of distributions and architectures, a centralized control failures, add the available bandwidth, among other objectives. To set the tank compatible to your system, you must download and install the specific rpmforge-release package.

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