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Thread: Adding asian languages to Linux Mint

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    Adding asian languages to Linux Mint

    Recently I have installed Linux Mint but I am facing small problem, I have added the Korean and Japanese languages but it is not working well, I mean to say that the font that is coming for these languages is not coming proper. Is there any way to change this thing? I have checked other languages like Japanese and katakana these are working fine on system. One more thing I will like to tell you that I have checked these thing in different browsers, if I use Chromium for these languages then they are not working well but if I am using firefox it is working fine. I do not know what is the reason for that but need to know what can be the solution for this thing.

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    Re: Adding asian languages to Linux Mint

    These are the simple steps that you need to follow for solving the problem that you are facing. You just need to change the keyboard settings and then you have to select the system preferences for the keyboard. On the layout tab you have to add an alternative for the keyboard layout. You just need to click on the add button and then you have to select the second language from you list. It will be better if you add the keyboard indicator applet panel that will allow you to switch between these two languages. I hope that this will solve the problem that you are facing, if you have any other issue then do let me know about.

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    Re: Adding asian languages to Linux Mint

    I just go under gnome mind today (after KDE ubuntu poorly supported!) but I have a slight little problem. So I did as I read in the above reply that : Control center > Preferences > language support. Exactly when I open it suggests I install packages (ie language packs) but an error occurs during the install, it seems that the packages have changed the address on the database ubuntu. I am getting error message and the changes are not taking any effect. First I thought that this problem is occurring because I have missed any step, but I have repeated the same procedure again and again but getting the same result. If you have any other idea then please let me know for solving this problem.

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    Re: Adding asian languages to Linux Mint

    I try to follow the instructions, and failed to install, error as others, but after update to "language-selector-common" by the update manager (the icon next to the clock) that passes, so does the updates and return to order, or updates only "language-selector-common" for installing asian languages. At any chance, I have checked the md5sum of engraving but that does not result in anything. Retries or updates languages, deposits can also be trouble from time to time. In short I am also need of help for these things. If anyone has any suggestion then do share your suggestions.

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    Re: Adding asian languages to Linux Mint

    Bon property actually was a problem of updating. Update first and then changing the ownership of language then my problem is solved. But there is 2 / 3 stuff in English like the name of the software categories. By cons of a sudden I see that the manager does not automatically put the new update but this simply a logo for me it goes but is there possibility to change this thing for novice users. If you are facing similar kind of issue then follow the same procedure that I have done. I am sure that this will solve the problem that you are facing.

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    Re: Adding asian languages to Linux Mint

    You can also install from synaptic, select and install all the packages under your specified language, or do as I suggest doing so is likely to install packages. If you want to install from synaptic, select the following files:
    But I think better to install language support so you do not risk that some programs are not in your preferred language.

    Remapping places on Linux Mint

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