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Thread: Need permission to edit even a text file

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    Need permission to edit even a text file

    My system is a desktop computer, in my system there Intel dual core processor ,I was using Windows xp operating system first then I upgraded it to windows 7 operating system . Since now it was working fine , but since last week it is giving a lots of problems, it asks for permissions for almost all the task , I cannot even reedit a file on a notepad or create a new user account without that prompt, let me tell you that my system is a private pc and no else uses it except me, I am getting very much annoyed by this issue so please guide me how I can get rid of this if you come across any solution for this.

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    Re: Need permission to edit even a text file

    You can follow the given set of instructions

    • You need to have ownership for this task .
    • Then after that you need to set permissions to "Full Control"; it must display all boxes and they all must be checked corresponding to Permissions.
    • Set my only profile on this pc to be classified as Admin w/admin privileges.
    • The UAC slider must be set to minimum level.
    • You can use the userpassword2 utility to control and manage to turn off the automatic logging on by username.

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    Re: Need permission to edit even a text file

    I have read at length about this issue along with the "admin" rights issue and I think that you shouldn't have total power of a few files and folders that are demanding permissions for even a simple task . I think you should check whether you are not logged in through the administrator , if you are there seems the only reason that you need to see the and do necessary alterations in administrative settings and get your work done.

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    Re: Need permission to edit even a text file

    I think I have pointed out the reason why are you exactly facing this problem and I think you created the Program Files folder with a system install , it would have been done accidentally , so let me tell you that the folder in which you are installing it is a system folder, and it is not usually made for the for saving the documents. If you favor to undo that, a utility with the name cacls will probably alter those settings , you can take the help of fsmgmt.msc command to share the drive or folders.

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    Re: Need permission to edit even a text file

    Do the following steps as I instruct you
    • First of all you will have to log in while with your normal account and run as admin .
    • Then in the command prompt type the command "net user administrator /active:yes" and then hit the enter key, then you can log out and log in again an open the command prompt again an dthen you need to type "net user administrator /active:no" and log off again, I think your issue will get resolved.

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