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Thread: Error 0x80042306 while creating a system image

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    Error 0x80042306 while creating a system image

    Whatever issue recently I am facing I have mentioned it in to the title. Actually at the time of creating the system image file I get Error 0x80042306. The chkdsk on the partition or it creates the backup did not work. All files are written, and the failure to place at the end a track? So regarding this, what should I have to do please suggest me. I just want to thank you guys in advance.

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    Re: Error 0x80042306 while creating a system image

    Let me suggest that you have to try this on to an external drive or disk on another machine networks. Am I wrong? If indeed the backup was made (correctly or not) to a machine networks, have you ensured that prior to this long transfers machine will perform properly (no problems for example cyclic redundancy, especially if the machine is XP and the drive ATAPI / IDE)? You could try to copy the contents of a DVD for example conditions it contains A LOT of files in many directories: Jpeg suited for this type of testing. No other ideas at the moment, but you can go for this!

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    Re: Error 0x80042306 while creating a system image

    I saved on a backup partition on the same disc, with plenty of room! I did the same operation on my W7 premium and everything went well. I tried to re-register the components in the registry, but the solution given is for Vista, and it seems that W7 did changes because some orders could not be. In fact, what interests me in this that backup is the use other file format, because with W7 can boot from that file format! I have a second problem, the system image is done with CD, and C is enough for me personally. Another difficulty more! I must find what determines W7 partitions considered system!

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    Re: Error 0x80042306 while creating a system image

    Going through this but my problem is still there how it's done; I control it well enough but why it does not work on my PC with Ultimate W7 and why it works on a W7 Premium. I would like to limit this image to the system partition is C: in my case, and not pollute it with other partitions (such as d and P at me). My goal is to see if I can use the image made by a backup system to boot it. This is a significant progress of W7. Of course I know how to create a virtual disk, install over a W7, and booted, but the reuse of the image that worried me.

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    Re: Error 0x80042306 while creating a system image

    Thank you for your help but I read many articles about this new feature and not with the management of virtual disks that I have problems. It is simple enough to incorporate the "dual boot" W7 via the boot manager! The advantage is that it uses real resources of the PC, whereas this is not the case with hardware virtualization Windows VPC W7, or VPC2007. The disadvantage is that you cannot communicate with a host like VPC with W7 or VPC2007. The publisher of my software is MS itself because I have made the system image (and not a backup) with built-in W7.This works fine on my PC W7 Premium and not on my PC W7 Ultimate.

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