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Thread: Dell recovery disk is misplaced

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    Dell recovery disk is misplaced

    I am using Dell inspiron 1100 notebook, and I have misplaced my recovery disk. I am having problem with windows and want to execute a clean install but unable to do because I don’t have the recovery disk. I want to ask that, if I borrow an OEM XP home disk and use that to install, but use the product key that I was provided from Dell, would this effectively install? Also, I want to know that how can I activate this copy of windows, would I able to activate it? It is essential because I have some software which will only work on a genuine version of windows. Any help will appreciable.

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    Re: Dell recovery disk is misplaced

    I think you can effectively complete a clean installation of Windows XP Home using a genuine Microsoft systembuilder/OEM CD for Windows XP Home using the Product Key on your Certificate of Authenticity. You need to do a Telephone Activation which should acquire about ten minutes. Dell charges very few amount to send you a substitute Reinstallation CD.

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    Re: Dell recovery disk is misplaced

    You may possibly not yet have a word with a live representative if the automated phone system recognizes your installation code. If the installation code is discarded, be definite to choose the alternative to talk with a live representative. Be confident to tell them that you are installing windows XP on your Dell, but that you had to use a systembuilder/OEM CD because you misplaced your Dell Reinstallation CD. Then they will help you out.

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    Re: Dell recovery disk is misplaced

    You can make use of a standard OEM system builder CD to install, as long as it's for the similar version of Windows as your COA/license label. When you are demands for the product key, you need to just type in the product key on your Dell COA. Depending on when your laptop was manufactured, it can or cannot activate over the Internet. In general, brand name computers with the purple COA that tells Copyright 200 will activate over the Internet with no trouble even if you have change the hard disk or motherboard.

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