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Thread: Cannot log on to VirtualXP in Windows 7 Professional

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    Cannot log on to VirtualXP in Windows 7 Professional

    In the process of attempting to set up access to the virtual c-drive in the virtualxp-mode I altered the defaulting XPMuser to my personal name furthermore removed the password security. At the moment I cannot login to the virtualxp-mode. At what time I attempt to login with no password it states "Unable to log you on for the reason that of an account restriction". If attempt by means of my old removed password it states"The system could not log you on. Make sure your user name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed useing the correct case." How can I get back access as well as log on to the VirtualXP mode?

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    Re: Cannot log on to VirtualXP in Windows 7 Professional

    You might attempt to uninstall Windows XP mode as well as reinstall it and ensure if that works very well .You will not be permitted on the way to generate a Virtual XP Mode without any password, as a result do not maintain the password field vacant. Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7. Hope this information is useful.

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    Re: Cannot log on to VirtualXP in Windows 7 Professional

    To resolve this boot the Virtual PC in safe mode, this will allow you log in by means of a vacant password.If you contain Integration Features switch on you require on the way to disable it so you be able to observe the machine boot up as well as press F8 to acquire to Safe Mode. One time in create a password for the account in Users in Control Panel after that restart.

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    Re: Cannot log on to VirtualXP in Windows 7 Professional

    Here is the technique that I resolved it. Disable the mixing features. You be able to after that log in to XPMUser with no password. Now Go to User Accounts within the control panel furthermore reset the XPMUser password. On one occasion you have completed that enable integration features plus you be supposed to be able to log in beneath your XPMUser account by means of the new password you presently set.

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