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Thread: Want to activate Windows but not happens

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    Want to activate Windows but not happens

    I have some problem with my operating system that is after some years of utilization, my Windows XP installation prompting me for a latest activation and that also within 3 days. I don't know the reason for this, since nothing has modified. The activation utility starts but gives me empty windows screen with heading Activation of Windows, then nothing occurs. I donít know how to solve this problem. If anyone has idea then please suggested me.

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    Re: Want to activate Windows but not happens

    I think the similar function as you did, because yet when restoring the system with Safe Mode, nothing did work. It seems that a script is used by the WGA utility, trying to perform itself in Internet Explorer. A number of possibilities and also problems can be the cause like: WGA- damage files which I uncertainty, since no problem has been identified by suitable software, direct issues version or damage files, internet explorer problems, removed files. For seeing this I suggest you to do clean installation.

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    Re: Want to activate Windows but not happens

    There can be different reasons for this problem but you can use this steps as I suggesting to you .first click on Start then on Run enter sfc /scannow and click on OK. This will run the system file checker application and it should go during and confirm the system files. After it finishes, try running the activation once more time and make sure if it comes up now or not. If the activation dialog box still not getting then I suggest you to contact to support center.

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    Re: Want to activate Windows but not happens

    I would suggest to take backing up and offloading your all data, then doing a clean installation of Windows using the valid hologrammed Microsoft windows XP Pro installation CD that you get with your computer. It's not rare for a repair reinstallation to be unsuccessful to repair this trouble, that's why I suggest a clean installation. The difficulty may be the sign of hardware malfunction, so I had at least run a RAM test function and the solve program published by the maker of the hard disk drive installed in your computer.

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