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Thread: Access Denied while trying to delete a folder in windows 7

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    Access Denied while trying to delete a folder in windows 7

    After using windows XP in my HP Compaq laptop recently I upgrade my machine into windows 7 , mainly I used to made the machine for gaming purpose, for that I installed windows 7 in my machine.other specifications of my machine are like 3GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive with ATI Radeon graphical interface. The game was running fine in the machine, very smoothly till the last few days. But suddenly from first few days it creates a problem with the gaming console, after start any game, it now allowed to proceed further. First hangs for few times and then windows directs me to stop the program forcefully. Along with that there is another problem occurring in my machine which is not able to delete particular folder, is shows a message “Folder Access Denied”. I am not able to recover from these problems; I hope someone from here will be somehow helping me. Any suggestion regarding this problem will be helpful for me.

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    re: Access Denied while trying to delete a folder in windows 7

    Regarding the gaming problem I think the graphics driver that you installed in your machine is either corrupted or not compatible with the windows version that you have. If you are using from a long time the driver, then I am sure this one should be damaged. For that I suggest you to update the version. So for that go to the device manager and open the display driver tab, now locate the display device driver from the list and right click on it, choose the update option. This will collect the update version information from the manufacturer web site and will flash into your screen. Click on update button and it will update the driver version. Remember that while you are doing this process, remove if there is any external display device is attached in your screen. Try with this, this will surely help you.

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    re: Access Denied while trying to delete a folder in windows 7

    According to the folder delete option, try to remove it by enter into your machine by the safe mode, now locate the folder from your machine and press shift+delete from your keyboard. Or you can also try to remove this folder from your machine by log in to your system by the administrative password and user name. During this process, it might ask you to provide the admin password to begin the process. Proceed the process by enter the password. Otherwise there some of the software applications are available in different web sites, for deleting any file or folder forcefully. Download and install them, open the application program and remove the folder by select that one from your machine.

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    re: Access Denied while trying to delete a folder in windows 7

    I had the similar issue in my machine regarding the display driver by which I was playing some high definition games, I was using NVIDIA graphical interface. I searched maximum number of web sites and found a solution for this problem, and this is to re-install the graphic driver. I did this the problem solved. If you are having the driver installation disk then insert it to your machines CD ROM drive and then open the device manager. Now look for the display device driver and right click on it, now select the update option, this will ask you to update the driver either by online or offline. Choose the offline option. Browse the installation file from the disk or the other if you stored that one over there. Wait till the installation process completes. Reboot machine after completion of the process. I think in this way you can able to overcome from the problem that you mentioned in your post.

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